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Top 25 Nursing Blogs in 2015

award-nursingThroughout the year, some of you might have chances to access nursing information through many kinds of sources. What I list below are recommended top 25 nursing blogs which are value and useful for you to approach. Not only good content but you also can enter to nursing world in different modes of message. Some of them provide knowledge or tips based on writer experiences and research. Many of them have been in nursing professional practice. Besides you can also read out one of their top most favorite content from each individual blog.

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1. Nurse Practitioners in Business

Barbara C. Phillips is the owner of this blog. Barbara started the blog with the aim of bringing together Nurse Practitioners who have set up their own private practices and allow them to share their experiences, support one another and learn from each other. Barbra has been publishing on the blog since 2006 and there is quite a wealth of information where running and growing a private practice is concerned. If you are a Nurse Practitioner and you dream of setting up your own business or you have your practice and want to learn from like-minded people, this is an ideal blog for you.

Highlight: Applying for a Job? Don’t do this.

2. Nurse Eye Roll

This is a blog owned by Kati, a critical care nurse currently working in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kati is humorous and you will not only find Kati’s posts beneficial especially on what to expect in this field but you will also have a good laugh and enjoy hearing funny story from someone who has been a nurse for more than five years. Content on the blog is well organized and there is practically nothing in a normal nurse’s life that is not covered, starting from how to survive in nursing school to how it feels to work with patients on a daily basis.
Highlight: Nursing School Survival Tips

3. Accessible Healthcare Institute Dr. RaChel’s

Access Health Institute was founded by Dr. Rachel Silva. The institute provided a platform for healthcare consumers to advance their education online and promote both personal and professional growth. Apart from providing learning materials the site has a blog section where professionals in the field answer most of the questions nurses have about their career and growth over time. The content is well thought out and handles real issues in the workplace. You will find the site helpful especially if you are looking to advance your education beyond the classroom and offer nothing short of the best services to your patients.

Highlight: Four Steps To Interprofessional Collaboration

4. The Bossy Nurse

Marsha Battee a Lifestyle Design Strategist for nursing professionals is the owner of this blog. Marsha targets nurses who put the interest of their patients before their own and end up forgetting their dreams and neglecting themselves. Because Marsha is a nurse, she knows a thing or two about burn out and the long hours that comes with the job. The blog centers around making creative career strategies, focusing on self and entrepreneurship. If you think you are losing yourself and want to get back on track where your career is concerned, this is a great blog for you.

Highlight: How a Nurse Quit Her Job to Travel the World

5. The Nursing Show

nursingshow.com is where you get a collection of all podcasts by Jamie Davis, the host of the Nursing show. Jamie is a medical educator who is recognized nationally for his programs and resources focusing mostly on emergency medical providers and has been in the forefront in advocating for better healthcare, education and integration of media in all schools. You will get anything from the latest news in nursing to student nursing tips on this site. Whether you are a novice or seasoned nurse you will find the podcasts and information on this site helpful and you may even be able to learn something new.

Highlight: Nurse Tips for Patients of Breast Reconstruction

6. Correctional Nurse

Lorry Schoenly a nurse educator and author is the owner of this blog. The author specializes on correctional health care and the blog is designed to offer support for nurses working in the criminal justice system. The content here covers most of the challenges that nurses and other healthcare professionals working in the criminal justice system encounter. If you would like to know how to communicate with different patients in this area or how to encourage and inspire patients in the correction system that are often times vulnerable, marginalized and challenged in more ways than one, you will find the resources in this blog helpful.

Highlight: Four Ways Your Patient Can Help You Avoid A Medication Error

7. Elizabeth Scala

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN is the owner of this site. Elizabeth, a keynote speaker and a host to the Nurse’s Week virtual conference works to empower, create confidence and bring back the joy that comes with the nursing field. The site contains a wealth of information on nursing and numerous resources in the form of podcasts, free video and insightful blog posts. This blog is ideal if you are looking to gather more information when it comes to the nursing career plus you get links to some of the best nursing communities that target both practicing nurses and nursing students.

Highlight: 3 Tips to Getting Hired as a Nurse

8. The Gypsy Nurse

Candy RN otherwise known as the Gypsy nurse is the owner of this blog. The author generally talks about her experience as a travelling nurse and with the help of the gypsy nurse online community is able to offer invaluable advice to people looking to be travelling healthcare professionals. Through this blog readers get to know how it feels to offer their services to people in different areas, learn about general requirements in different states and countries and know some of the challenges that travelling healthcare professionals encounter. You will find this blog helpful especially if you look forward to becoming a travelling healthcare professional.

Highlight: Life as A Home Health PT

9. Yoga Nurse

Annette Tersigni, RN is the founder of YogaNurse. Aside from her work as a registered nurse, Annette is a certified Ayurvedic health and wellness educator and a certified medical yoga teacher. From the site nurses get a listening ear, knowledge on how to practice yoga and also get training on how to become certified as yoga nurses. There are also some tips on entrepreneurship and becoming successful in the nursing professionals. This site is great for nurses looking for safe and simple ways to relieve stress, improve their work and enjoy holistic health as nurses through yoga.

Highlight: An Insider Tell All: Nurses Who Are Addicted

10. Nursing Homes Abuse Blog.com

Jonathan Rosenfeld is the owner of this blog. Jonathan, a lawyer works with people injured in care facilities and nursing home and represents people who are abused and neglected in nursing homes in Illinois and other parts of the country. The blog discusses issues that come as a result of neglect in care facilities. These issues include but are not limited to burns, broken bone, dropped victims and use of defective products on patients. You will find this blog helpful if you or someone you know is going through any form of abuse in a nursing home or any other long-term care facility.

Highlight: Preventing Falls In The Elderly

11. Empowern

Caroline Porter Thomas is the owner of this blog. Just as the name suggests, this site is designed to empower nursing professionals by providing simple yet practical ways of success in nursing. The blog contains a collection of educational resources designed for both students and practicing nurses and also some health and beauty tips designed to ensure that nurses are not only good at their jobs but also feel good about themselves. You will find this blog useful whether you are looking for tips on how to survive in nursing school or looking for ideal beauty tips for you given your busy work schedule.

Highlight: Chronic Renal Failure or Chronic Kidney Disease (Highly Recommended Video)

12. Off the Charts AJN

This blog is owned by the American Journal of Nursing (AJN). Editors from AJN, practicing nurses and patients in different institutions contribute in the blog and highlight the good, challenges, and the change they have noted in healthcare. Though the content on this page does not reflect the view of AJN or its editors, it is quite diverse and touches on the things that healthcare professionals, leaders and patients deem to be important. This blog has everything for anyone and you are sure to find something beneficial whether you are nurse, a patient or you are just concerned about healthcare in general.

Highlight: How a Nurse Quietly Helped One Intern Out of a Tricky Situation

13. The Nursing Site Blog

thenursingsiteblogKathy Quan, RN, BSN, PHN is the owner of this blog. Kathy has over 30 years’ experience in nursing and has also published a number of books related to nursing and she shares her experiences and most of the things that she has learnt during her journey in healthcare. Content on the blog is all about nursing and different nursing bloggers are allowed to contribute and air their views on a variety of healthcare related issues. If you would like to keep abreast with what is happening in the nursing field and the healthcare sector in general, this would be an ideal blog to follow.

Highlight: 7 Resume Writing Tips For Nurses

14. RTConnections Nurse Blog

Dr. Renee Thompson is the owner of this blog. With over 23 years’ experience Dr. Renee brings a wealth of knowledge in healthcare and talks to audiences in different healthcare setups majorly on professionalism and work ethics. The blog is designed to empower nurses and touches on issues such as bullying and maintaining good relations in the workplace. If you are looking for tips on how to connect effectively with fellow nurses at work, get some few tips on leadership and success in this field or simply get some encouragement to see you through the day, this would be an ideal blog for you.

Highlight: How to Catch a Professional Bully Nurse

15. Confident Voices in Healthcare

Beth Boynton, RN, MS and a published author is the owner of this blog. Beth is dedicated to building safe and health workplaces and she has been offering workshops and seminars to make this a reality in many workplaces. The site contains a lot of information on communication in the workplace and tips on how to improve organization and management in healthcare facilities. This blog would be beneficial not just for nurses but everyone who works in healthcare and has a role in transforming the workplace and ensuring that everyone including patients is happy at the end of the day.

Highlight: Considering the human dimension while practicing main stream medicine

16. Nurse Keith


Keith, popularly known as Nurse Keith is the owner of this blog. Keith is a practicing nurse who has been in this field for years and has been coaching nurses on career growth and development. He is also a certified yoga instructor, certified Swedish massage practitioner and is certified as a coach under the American Holistic Nurses Corporation. This site contains the best of Nurse Keith’s work on holistic health and career satisfaction for nursing professionals. If you think that you need a career coach or would like to get some tips help you enjoy your nursing work, you will find this blog helpful.

Highlight: Are You Ready to Pivot in Your Nursing Career?

17. Minding The Bedside


Stone Jerome, a registered nurse, published author and a dedicated yoga instructor is the owner of this blog. Stone has over 30 years’ experience working in healthcare and has a deep passion for transforming the workplace and ensuring healthcare providers remain passionate and dedicated throughout their career. Content on this page is majorly about meditation and how nurses need to maintain their mental health in order to carry out their daily duties adequately. If you believe that meditation is a great way to cleanse the mind and reconnect with yourself, you will definitely love this blog.

Highlight: Stressed Find Power Within

18. International Nurse Support

Joyce Fiodembo a Registered nurse who has been practicing for more than 20years runs this blog. The blog however features writers from all over the world and allows nurses from all walks of life to share their experiences and tips on how to remain relevant in their career. The site has a lot of tips on creating conducive working environment, career development and wellness for all-rounded nursing professionals. Whether you are looking for tips on how to improve your resume or simply want to connect better with colleagues at work you will find a lot of helpful information on this blog.

Highlight: 5 Ways Of Dealing With An Angry Patient.

19. The Nurse Teacher

Joan, RN, is the owner of this blog. Joan started blogging as part of her master’s degree project but realized that the blog was also an asset to other students. Joan is currently a teacher in nursing school and she shares most of her experiences handling new students and employees in the healthcare sector. The blog has numerous resources that nursing students and new employees in healthcare may not get anywhere else. If you are looking forward to a career in nursing and want a preview of what to expect both in school and at work, this blog will provide that and so much more.

Highlight: Self-Care Tips for Nursing Students

20. Nurse Barb – Barbara Dehn


Barb Dehn, a recognized health expert specializing in Women’s health and also a published author is the owner of this blog. Barb is quite an accomplished nurse practitioner who owns a health publishing company and also holds talks and shows on women’s health. This blog doesn’t just talk about health but also covers other areas in a woman’s life such as parenthood and caregiving. If you are a woman, you will definitely find this blog helpful. You will get information on healthy living from a recognized health expert and also get some invaluable tips on how to also take care of those around you.

Highlight: Epidurals are Safer Than We Thought

21. SarahBethRN

Sarah Beth a nurse turned patient is the owner of this blog. Despite the challenges that come with having a chronic illness, Sarah is able to share her life story with some humor and encourage people with different ailments. The content on the blog is supposed to help both clinicians and patients understand each other better while also highlighting some of the hardships patients will encounter on their journey and ways to overcome them. If you are suffering from a chronic illness or you are a clinician and want to look at things from the patient’s perspective, this is an ideal blog for you.


22. Hello-anna-and-mo.com

Anna is the owner of this blog though every now and then the husband Mo also posts on the blog on her behalf. Anna has sense of humor and all posts in the blog are well written and laid out making it easy to read the posts to the end. Anna generally posts about her life working as a nurse and also posts about her life with her husband. If you are a nurse or your partner works as a nurse this blog will give you a peak in to a nurse’s daily routine both when at work and when with family.

Highlight: Life After NCLEX

23. Er Nurses Care

Leslie Block is the owner of this blog. Leslie aims to encourage readers, especially nursing professionals who have a lot to do at work and much more to do at home to make positive changes in their lives. Content on this blog touches on different topics ranging from ways to relax to how to show love and kindness to others and is centered on Leslie’s extensive experience in healthcare. If you have a passion for helping people and working with patients you will find encouragement and a lot of humor from someone who understands where you are coming from.

Highlight: Nurses Are The Worst……….What?

24. The Balanced Nurse

Eileen Spillane is the author of this blog. Aileen has over 25 years’ experience in nursing and her passion for personal development has driven her to reach out and help fellow nurse enjoy a fulfilling life. Content on the blog is generally about nurses and how they can balance their lives and get to enjoy great health and a fulfilling career. If you are a nurse but fatigue is driving you insane or you feel that you need some encouragement from someone who understands every now and then, you will definitely be happy with this blog.


25. Nursing Comments

Stephanie S. Jewett, RN, MBA is the owner of this blog. Stephanie started this blog with the aim of sharing the story of her life working in the healthcare sector and also talks about life in general. The site contains information that caregivers, patients, student nurses and the general public will find helpful. If you are new to nursing and want to learn a thing or two from someone who has been a caregiver in different areas of the nursing field for years or are just looking to broaden your knowledge on healthcare this will be an ideal blog for you.