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Nurse Aide Registries

Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry

A registered nurse aid is a person who offers health care services to his or her employer’s clients and residents for a compensation fee. A nurse aid is not a professional in health care but he or she must have undergone some training to qualify to be a nurse aide. In order to be registered as a nurse aide, you require getting training in the field and having a competence …Read More

Kansas Nurse Aide Registry

Certified Nursing Aides or Assistants (CNAs) are responsible for providing personal care to patients. Cleaning, feeding, transporting patients, checking vital signs, injecting and dispensing medications, dressing injuries, doing other medical procedures, etc are the daily duties of a CNA. You can enter into this career field by enrolling in a CNA training program. Registration Process In order to be qualified for appearing the certification exam in Kansas, you must enroll …Read More

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry

To get registered in the Wisconsin nurse aide registry you must fulfill certain conditions. You must be at least 18. You must have a high school diploma or General education diploma or High school equivalency diploma. Your minimum work experience must be 40 hours within 90 days of work. If you are having 2000 hours of work experience in the past 3 years then it is good for you. Two …Read More

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

The Texas nurse aide registry is maintained and kept by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). The registration process is conducted by the Nursing Facility Administrator Licensing Branch which considers; 1) Competency and training programs, i.e. the applicant is supposed to complete 100 or more hours of coursework as recommended. In addition, once training is complete the applicant is subjected to a competency evaluation test. 2) A …Read More

Ohio Nurse Aide Registry

The Ohio DoH Nurse Aide Registry is the system where all eligible to work as a Nurse Aide in Ohio are listed and certified. The Registry Process To be able to be join the register you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, pass a drug, physical and TB test and be current with all the required vaccines. Apart from certain exceptions, you …Read More

Illinois Nurse Aide Registry

Nurse aides play an important role in the health industry. They work under the supervision of the nurse to take care of the patients. Registry Process Requirement There are various conditions for becoming eligible for the training program. Your age should be more than 16 years. Before enrolling for the training program you are required to pass the background check and full physical examination. These are compulsory for every state. …Read More

Georgia Nurse Aide Registry

With a rapidly aging population the United States has made a distinct effort towards certifying a new generation of nursing aides. Part of keeping track of these nurses comes in the form of registries. The Georgia nurse aide registry is probably the least difficult to deal with amongst the states. In order to qualify for it an applicant just has to complete the certification exam, which is composed of an …Read More

Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry

A nurse aide registry list qualified aide nurses who have passes heir training programs and have satisfied the training scope competency programs. It’s a list where potential employers can check and confirm the qualification level of an individual, conduct and the address. It is available in over 50 states here in the US. Registry process The registry process requires a individual to log in the states web and fill in …Read More