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LPN Job Description

The healthcare is the most lucrative industry on this planet because this is the industry that can never run out of clients. In most countries, health service providers are a rare breed and are seldom enough to meet the increasing level of disease in the planet. It is imperative to note that nurses play an invaluable role in the health sector and that there are different categories of the nurse. The three major categories include: the registered nurses, practical nurses and assistant nurses and all these cadres play a complementary role in ensuring that the service delivered in top notch.

What is a LPN

LPN is an acronym that stands for a Licensed Practical Nurse. This is revered profession because it involves caring for the injured and the sick with an end goal of making their life bearable. It is imperative to note that this profession is more than just a job, it is a mission that requires commitment. In order to attain a success in this field, one has to adapt and learn a wide range of skills because the best approach to the problems that are solved by the licensed practical nurse is usually a multifaceted approach. It is critical to also be aware that these job has its own unique challenges that may involve the long working hours that are involved and the increased susceptibility to infections because part of the job description involves coming to into contact with a myriad of pathologies. The work is also rewarding in itself because the satisfaction that is acquired when you put a smile on the face of a suffering soul and the ability to alleviate suffering is second to none.

LPN Duties

The licensed practical nurse has plethora critical functions in the delivery of healthcare. One of the key responsibilities is the recording of a patient’s vital signs such as: the respiratory rate, the blood pressure, the pulse and other health related parameters such as weight. This record is important because it will form the basis of the treatment that a patient will be subjected to. Not only do they record these signs but they also monitor the patient’s progress by accurate charting and proper documentation to enable monitoring of the patient’s response to the mode of treatment that has been used. Another key role of the licensed practical nurse is to provide bedside assistance in matters of hygiene. The bedside services provided by these professionals include: assisting the patient to bathe, assisting the patient to dress and assisting the patient to eat. There are some medical procedures that these nurses take part in and these procedures include:  collecting samples like blood and urine to be used in laboratory tests, inserting the urinary catheters and also draining the urinary bags, evaluating the blood sugar levels, caring and dressing wounds and in some states they are allowed to administer both oral and intravenous medications that have prescribed by the doctor. The licensed practical nurses are also involved in explaining procedures to patients and paying attention to the patient’s concern. In addition to these duties, these health workers are involved in providing timely information to the registered nurses and doctors.

LPN positions

The LPN positions available are quite a number and any licensed practical nurse can venture into any of these specialties. Licensed Practical nurses are equipped to fill several gaps in the health sector and these gaps include: supervisory roles. The licensed practical nurses who work in large health institutions may be given a supervisory role not just on their peers but also on the nursing assistants and this means that the practical assistants also need to develop leadership attributes in order to be effective visionaries. In some health centers, the practical nurses may work as counselors and this may involve advising on healthful living practices to informing patients and their families in matters of providing palliative care. Some institutions have employed the practical nurses as Records managers and their job description has largely been on the accurate management of all the records that involve not only the patient but also the health facility where they practice. Practical nurses may also decide to advance their training with a view of holding better positions. Such advancement opportunities involve those nurses who may opt to specialize in dealing with developmental anomalies, while those who want to become reputed educators in matters of child health may broaden their horizons by specializing in the reproductive health fields. Some of the practical nurses may decide to become foot care guru and this is very important especially for the nurses that work in nursing homes due to an increased incidence of complications like the diabetic foot that usually afflict the old people.

LPN nursing employment

The licensed practical nurse has wide range of employment opportunities. A good number of the licensed practical nurses usually ply their trade in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers and this enables them to provide adequate care because there is a rapid increase in the number of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. It is important to note that the role of theses nurses in theses nursing institutions is not majorly medical practice but it is more of providing care and emotional support, monitoring the patients’ general well-being and assessing the mental health. Another employment avenue is the hospital setting. It is important to note that there are two main categories of hospitals. The hospitals that are privately owned, and the hospitals that are owned by the state. The licensed practical nurses who venture into this environment will find their focus being on medical procedures that involve providing care for the sick and the injured.  Some of these healthcare providers provide personalized and specialized care in homes. Some people prefer to hire private nurses as opposed to seeking their scarce services in institutions. Most of the people who prefer personalized care are well to do and this means that the residential health services are one of the most lucrative businesses to engage in. Physicians also provide an employment avenue for the practical nurses. Most of the work involved in these offices may be paperwork and these duties may in some cases involve writing prescriptions and also dealing with insurance companies.  Some of the practical nurses have also been employed in institutions like correctional facilities and school sanatoriums.