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How to become a LPN

Licensed practical nurse or also known as LPN is considered to be one of the important members of the health care team. LPN’s are responsible taking the vital signs of the patients upon admission. Patients’ vital signs are important in making the most accurate diagnoses and health teachings. The tasks of each licensed practical nurse may vary according to the employer or state. In some other areas in the United States, these medical practitioners are also called as licensed vocational nurses. They are also allowed to prescribe medications, do personal care to the patients and even catheterization. Some of the hospitals also are allowing licensed practical nurses to prescribe medications, operate mechanical devices and maintain patients’ intravenous therapy. Licensed practical nurses are supervised by doctors and registered nurses to ensure excellence and quality in the care that they deliver. Nursing facilities such as big hospitals and nursing homes are the most common employment destination for most of the LPN’s. They are also tasked to work on graveyard shifts and even on holidays, so they are also considered as one of the highest paid medical practitioners in the field of health care.

LPN requirements

Students who wish to become a licensed practical nurse are required to submit their diploma or also known as GED to apply for the training program. It usually lasts for about 12 months which are offered mostly by vocational and technical schools and colleges. Students who have completed the said training will be awarded a certificate or diploma. Training programs are accredited by the nursing commission. It is required on every institution that every curriculum they have must be first approved or accredited by the commission to ensure that they receive the quality education that they deserve. The accreditation also helps students to prepare for the licensure examination after they have completed the training courses.

Training for LPN

When it comes to the training of the licensed practical nurses or LPN’s, they are exposed more on clinical rotations in the hospital. Most of the students’ training may vary according to the workplace also under the supervision of the registered nurses, and training may last for several weeks. Licensure for every practical nurse may depend according to the state where they live in. licenses for practical nurses must be renewed annually and may require a proof of their nursing practice. LPN’s can have variety of options when it comes to their licenses, they can pursue certifications for intravenous therapy which is administered by the Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses. They also offer long term care licensure for foot care and gerontology. Becoming a licensed practical nurse may require physical strength and endurance to meet the challenge in delivering quality patient care. A problem skill on the other hand is very essential so that they can communicate well with patients and colleagues both in written and verbal skills. Employers are hiring licensed practical nurses that are responsible, and can do multi-tasking on their work. They also train LPN’s to enhance their empathy and interpersonal skills to meet the needs of their individual patients and their families.

LPN course

Nursing is composed of wide theories and courses, especially if this is offered to students who are required a licence before they can get to work. They are receiving necessary documents and training which can enhance their medical knowledge and can prepare them for the licensure examination. Series of courses are offered to aspiring licensed practical nurses such as anatomy, psychology, computer education and communication. When it comes to anatomy, they are required to fully understand the concept anatomical organs and tissues which make up the entire human body. These will them in spotting possible illnesses and injuries which they can effectively communicate to patients before and after their treatment. They are also exposed in laboratories wherein they are receiving trainings and lectures about human anatomy. The field of psychology is also considered as one of the most important foundation that every licensed practical nursing should learn. They must be able to understand every patient’s behaviour and thought process. In addition, LPN’s can fully understand possible social issues which can be very useful in patients’ treatments. Computer education on the other hand, can help students on how to use computers which can be helpful on their future employment. Computers on the hospitals are used to report and calculate statistics which are very helpful in the treatment process. LPN’s communications are also enhanced to deliver the most important detail in the patients’ treatment process. Effective communication can also increase patient satisfaction and reduces anxiety both for the family and the patient.

Fast track LPN programs

Accelerated training program for licensed practical nurses are also offered in most colleges and universities in the United States. This course is also known as a fast track program, it condenses courses which are offered for only 6 months. If you have already completed your college credits, then you can proceed to a fast track program. These are offered by the Council of Practical Nurses and are also responsible in providing certificates to the licensed practical nurses. To be admitted in an accelerated program all you need to have is a complete criminal background check with good standing. Health checks are also required of course because you are rendering care to patients. A complete nursing course should also be presented in order for students to be enrolled in an accelerated training program for LPN’s. Written exams are offered by the council of nurses for them to qualify for the program. Courses are being divided into two skills which are known to enhance students’ skills to perform necessary duties as a licensed practical nurse. Courses are often covered by anatomy physiology, phycology and nursing care plans. It is also important that students can learn how to extend their medical care especially during emergency situations. If you are interested in becoming a licensed practical nurse, you can visit some of the useful articles online to help you decide on which university can help fasten your knowledge.