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Free CNA Training

According to the government, there is about a 20% increased need for certified nurses to look after the growing population of the nation. Because of this and as it offers the best opportunity for a medical career without the grueling hours of learning and the years it takes to complete a degree, CNA training is increasingly popular for medical aspirants.

How to get free CNA training

Free CNA Training
However due to financial constraints the training may seem out of reach for some but this should not be as there are a number of avenues that one can use to get free CNA training. Institutions like hospitals and nursing homes usually provide free CNA training in lieu of a salary to people who are willing to work in their facilities during the period of their training. Some of these facilities will provide the training when you agree to work there for a given period of time and this agreement will usually be put in a contract. There are nursing homes and hospitals in each state that provide this program and calling or visiting the ones in your locale will help you figure out which ones do. State Departments of Public Health also offer CNA scholarship programs that cater for all the costs of the training period. The Air Force Aid Society also recently approved some facilities to provide free training to spouses of military personnel. All these facilities can be found by checking local job centers or social halls.

Places that offer free CNA training

Places that you can get free CNA training include hospitals, nursing homes, some private or state owned clinics, organizations and learning institutions. The medical facilities usually offer free programs with conditions usually working for them. Organizations however like American Red Cross and Job Corps offer training in a bid to accomplish their mission to help out people in need or because they have been set up primarily for this purpose. Some institutions of higher learning also offer free CNA training programs through scholarships or bursaries which allow them to offer the training to students based on merit. Some schools and colleges also offer free programs but through online courses which provide the necessary educational resources. Other places like military bases, voluntary organizations and even reformation centers offer the program to train their personnel and thereby equip their staff with the necessary skills to handle situations in adverse circumstances.

Free CNA training at hospitals

Hospitals have a great need for CNAs because the ratio of nurses to patients is hardly ever balanced. For this reason some hospitals offer to provide free CNA training to people aspiring to enter the medical career. In exchange, the students work in the hospital as they train and in most cases are required to sign a contract agreeing to work in the hospital for a given period after they have been certified. Hospitals that offer this program usually have working business relationships with local universities, colleges or vocational training centers which provide the theoretical classes needed to complete the CNA training while the practical lessons are given in the hospitals by either the doctors or the nurses. With this arrangement, hospitals get additional labor to handle the excess of patients and the students get job security as well as acquiring much needed experience which comes in handy after certification.

Free CNA training in nursing homes

Nursing homes and other residential care facilities have become excellent resources in terms of nursing training. This is because they have started offering training programs in their facilities as a result of the increase in the senior population as well as the shortage of CNAs. This trend benefits both the facility and the student because nursing homes usually compensate for hours worked, makes arrangements for ongoing employment for students after their certification and also for their placing on the state registry. After the completion of the training the student’s hourly pay rate increases and their job security is assured. The nursing homes get to provide better care to their patients as well as job training where the employers or management mold the candidates to become the employees that fit their organization. The theoretical part of the learning is usually offered by a local community college or training agency arranged for by the nursing home.

Free CNA training with American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is another option for getting free CNA training. This nonprofit organization specializes in helping communities and people in need. Their activities in providing basic shelter, disaster relief and medical assistance require that they have trained personnel. For this reason the organization provides free training to recruits and people willing to work with clinics and other medical facilities. There are various Red Cross locations around the country that offer free training to aspiring nurse assistants. This helps them achieve their mission to help others by providing the necessary skills to people who are interested in becoming certified nurses to do so. The free programs given by American Red Cross are available in almost all states and in some the American Red Cross even oversee certification of the nurse assistants who complete the course and proctor exams while working with the various state boards to include qualified CNAs to the state registry.

Free CNA training online

Online classes provide a convenient way for people with family or work obligations to get their certification as nurse assistants. They also eliminate travel expenses and others that are usually associated with traditional classes such as books and other resources. If the state you reside in accepts the program and the state nursing board approves the educational material used then the benefits of a free CNA online program can be a great help with getting your medical career off the ground. These online classes are usually provided by accredited colleges and schools around the country. To ensure that a free training program is legitimate, check to see that it is legitimatized by a provable grade and that it is offered by an accredited school and is given as part of a legitimate CNA program. If the program does not teach medical terminology, role of the CNA, communication and documentation skills, patient rights, patient care principles and anatomy physiology it is not legitimate.