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CNA Classes in Wyoming

Wyoming just like other states has experienced a shortage in the number of certified nurse aides. This can be attributed to the growth in the medical field that is expected to remain at 22.1% until and the fact that most people who get the CNA certification advance to become registered nurses over time. There are different training programs available and CNA classes in WY are being tailored to make it convenient for interested students to undertake the required training in under four months and get registered to practice within a short duration and at a cost that most people can afford.


Opening CNA Class in Wyoming

Those interested in working as certified nursing assistants in Wyoming are required to open class in an accredited educational program, complete the training and then undertake a certification exam. Approved CNA classes in WY consist of at least 75 instruction hours with 16 hours incorporated for hands-on training in an approved care facility. Prospective students are required to meet a number of requirements before enrolling, which include: being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma, passing a background and fingerprint check, passing a complete physical test, including a TB and drug test, proof of immunizations and up-to-date vaccines, including Hepatitis B, and meeting general health requirements.

– Western Wyoming Community College
– Wyoming Retirement Center
– College of America
– Casper College

Best Place to Get CNA Training In Wyoming

Accredited nursing schools and training institutions in Wyoming are the best place to get certified nurse aide training in the state. These schools offer fully approved and accredited nurse aide programs designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to pass the certification exam administered by the state of Wyoming. The training programs typically comprise classroom instruction and required nursing laboratory and clinical experiences focusing on patient safety and comfort as well as taking of vital signs. Graduates of these schools often find it easy to get entry-level jobs in numerous healthcare environments, including hospitals, private homes, home healthcare agencies and nursing homes. Some of the best certified nursing assistant schools in Wyoming include:

– Laramie County Community College
– Northwest College
– Eastern Wyoming College
– Central Wyoming College


CNA Certification Process in Wyoming

Becoming a certified nursing assistant in Wyoming requires opening and completion of a formal educational program followed by a licensing exam. Wyoming students can enroll for CNA classes at community colleges, technical training centers and medical facilities across the state. Certified nursing assistant training includes both laboratory and clinical work. During the training, students learn various aspects of providing basic patient care. They also undertake CPR certification – which is a mandatory part of certified nurse aide training in Wyoming. As per the requirements of Wyoming Department of Health, students spend 16 hours of their training program applying the skills they learned in the classroom, by participating in clinical field work. This hands-on training typically takes place at local, college-affiliated healthcare facilities, and allows students to demonstrate their skills and efficiency in interacting with other medical professionals and performing certified nursing assistant duties. Students earn a certificate at the successful completion of their training program and are prepared to take the state certification test. The state of Wyoming works with Pearson Vue to administer the exam, which is made up of a written multiple-choice portion and a skills assessment portion. Upon passing the exam, candidates are considered to be qualified certified nursing assistants and are entered into the Wyoming Nurse Aide Registry.

– West Park Hospital LTC
– South Lincoln Nursing Center
– HCP Education Center

Employment & Salary

Wyoming CNA Employment and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for nursing assistants will see a 21% increase over the next decade or so. This tremendous job growth will be driven by the expected population growth, especially among the elderly, overall expansion of the health care industry, and the increased number of nurses’ aides leaving the profession. So, like other parts of the country, Wyoming is (and will remain) fertile ground for those looking to start a career as a nurse’s aide. There is a high demand for licensed nurses’ aides and it looks there will be for at least the next decade.

Average Income of CNA in Wyoming

While annual salary is often based on the type of facility doing the hiring, personal experience and the cost of living in the area, it is still possible to come up with an estimate of the average annual salary for a nurse’s aide in Wyoming. Most, though not all, nurses’ aides working full time within the state will make somewhere between $21,000 and $32,000 a year. As with most medical professions, those who go on to attain more experience can expect their salary to increase and move towards the higher end of the spectrum.