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CNA Classes in Wisconsin

The demand for certified nurse aides in Wisconsin just like in other states is getting higher by the day with the growth in the sector expected to rise in the next few years. The fact that it is becoming very easy for certified nurse aides to secure employment after undergoing about three months of training has sparked a lot of interest and many students are now enrolling for CNA training in the different CNA programs being offered in this state. CNA classes in WI are becoming increasingly popular and most institutions have recorded a considerable increase in the number of student taking up the course and choosing to pursue this profession.


Opening CNA classes in Wisconsin

More and more students are attracted in the field of medicine and science; this is because of their urge to help the sick people. One of the best medical professions is the certified nursing assistant. In the state of Wisconsin, nursing assistants are also called as nursing aides. Actually there is a shortage of manpower in the medical field to meet the demand of the patients being admitted. These days more people are confined due to sedentary lifestyles. So this is the bigger chance for those aspiring medical practitioners out there to enroll in a CNA training program.

Best place to get CNA training in Wisconsin

Here are some the institutions that offer affordable and quality education for CNA program, these are: Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College, Clarity Care, Aurora Health Care, Linden Grove and Milwaukee Area Technical College. These institutions are approved by the Wisconsin’s board of nursing, they also offer curriculum which are accredited by the commission of nursing to ensure that all materials are prepared and made with quality before they are distributed to the students.


Wisconsin CNA licensing requirements

Before they will be called as certified nursing assistants, they still need to complete certain requirements. Students must complete health screenings and must pass thorough criminal background checks, this is also to ensure that they will be giving safe and quality care to all of the patients. Students must also be 18 years of age and older and must have the willingness to help others. Requirements may also vary according to the state and the school policy.

Employment & Salary

Wisconsin CNA employment and job outlook

It is reported that job employment rate for the state of Wisconsin will increase up to 17% up until year 2020. This is due to an increased population of the elderly, they require extensive medical care, and investors are also great factors in rehabilitation of health care facilities, so this means more employment for the medical practitioners, especially to the certified nursing assistants. In addition, most of the certified nursing assistants are needed by the nursing homes and other long term health care facilities.

Average CNA salary in Wisconsin

According to the statistics, the annual wage of certified nursing assistants can go up to $25,000 and has an hourly rate of $14. Salaries can also depend according to the location of their employment, the contract that they have signed, and of course the skills and experience that they have got through the years. So it would mean that the longer years that you have served in the medical field would mean a lot of money. This is also one of the major reasons why more students wish to become a certified nursing assistant someday. Holiday and overtime pays can also add to their salary. This is why most of medical practitioners stay late at their shift to attain bigger wage to sustain their living. So consider this as one of the biggest option for your educational career, you can gain more knowledge and skills and can have a brighter future at the same time through this certified nursing assistant training program. Be one of the most trusted people in the health care facility and help save more people.