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CNA Classes in West Virginia

The health care industry is quickly expanding and this growth is expected to remain steady even in years to come. Medical personnel, more so those offering care such as the certified nurse aides are in high demand and the market can barely keep up with this huge demand. Different training programs in are available for those willing to get training and certification to practice as certified nurse aides with CNA classes in WV being offered online, in a classroom setting either during the day or in the evenings to accommodate different students with different schedules and requirements as far as training is concerned.


Opening CNA classes in West Virginia

As in many other states many residents of West Virginia are finding a career choice as a CNA quite lucrative. However one major difference is the fact that it is not called CNA as commonly known but registered long term care nurse aide. To get proper training one has to attend a training course work at an approved center in WV. This CNA course training program run from a period of six to eight weeks and thus training positions are on offer every two months or so. It is good to remember that the state of West Virginia has stringent regulation on accepting online classes participants who must in the end match up with the required time for clinical practice.

Accelerated CNA program in West Virginia

The recommended time period to be a certified CNA in the whole of United States takes a time period of about six to eight weeks. Accelerated CNA classes in WV programs are however offered to ensure that those individuals who have short periods of time get the necessary training within the shorted period of time at an accelerated period that takes 3 to 4 weeks instead. This fact is even visible to the refresher courses offered for non-active individuals who would like to delve back into this career choice that takes a period on one week. Institutions offering this include;

Huntington health and rehabilitation

1720 17th street Huntington WV 25701


Marmet Center Genesis Health care

1 Sutphin Drive Marmet, WV 25315



West Virginia CNA licensing requirements

To get licensing in West Virginia one simply has to undergo the necessary training. This set up is made divided into two parts that all inclusive adds to a minimum of 120 hours of attending CNA classes in WV. This is 65 hours of classroom theory work and another 55 hours clinical practical work in a medical facility. Here one gets to learn the needed nursing skills, communication and interpersonal skills for the basic restorative services that will be rendered. This is integrated with the second part that involves sitting and pursing a nurse aide state competency exam that is essentially administered by a professional health care development center. Ideally the state of WV does is not strict on individuals educational background and thus one does not need to have completed high school diploma or GED to get training as a nursing aide. One needs to however have no criminal background in order to be certified by the state.

Employment & Salary

West Virginia CNA employment and job outlook

Getting a CNA job in WV is actually quite easy. With majority of the centers being health centers, they are in constant need to get individuals to put to practice the course work they have finished. By law they are required to hire recent graduates within the first 12 months after graduation. If this is not possible however they are required to reimburse the fee cost occurred for undergoing the training at their institution. Some facilities however are a bit choosy on the educational requirements before employing individuals.

Average CNA salary in West Virginia

Individuals working as a CNA in West Virginia are paid a minimum hourly wage of $9.52. This is in accordance is the bureau of labor statistics law. This translated to a minimum wage of $19, 800 annually for the first year with an increase of 14% in the following year.