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CNA Classes in Washington

CNA classes in WA are centered on building a successful career in the healthcare field. The demand for certified nurse aides in this state is on the rise making this the ideal time for those interested to enroll for classes and get the necessary certification required to practice in this state. Currently the demand far outweighs the supply where CNA are concerned. More students, however, are enrolling in the different available programs. The classes are very flexible meaning that those who are only available on the evenings or cannot afford to attend live classes can still get training online or in the evenings in order to qualify for certification.


Opening CNA class in Washington

The basic requirements for enrollment for CNA classes in WA are a high school diploma, clean criminal records, a clean bill of health and Basic English reading and writing skills. For those that meet the basic requirements, enrollment in any approved program is recommended. Different programs come with different schedules where classes are concerned but all the programs must last at least 85 hours.

Training in a classroom setting takes at least 35 hours and training in a clinical setting should take at least 35 hours. The classes are accessible from the different training institutions offering this program either during the day or in the evenings or online. Some intuitions offering training include Newport high school, Peninsula College and Grays Harbor College just to mention but a few.

CNA training online in Washington

There are numerous programs where one can access CNA classes in WA online. It is important to remember that any program whether offered online or otherwise must be approved and accredited by the Washington State Department of Nursing Licensing. Training online allows students to study at their own pace and at an environment they are most comfortable with.

The online training programs are also pretty affordable and sometimes come at no cost at all and this makes them ideal for those who willing to pursue this profession but have no means to do so. Certification evaluation and reviews by past and present students will often come in handy when it comes to selecting an ideal online training that provides the right training and comes with no qualification problems at all. Pima Medical College is one of the institutions that offer online training.


CNA certification process in Washington

Certification comes after attending CNA classes in WA and passing of a competency exam. Once an application for certification is made to the Washington Department of Health, the staff responsible go through the supporting documents that in most cases include a training certificate, the competency exam results and personal data on criminal records and the general state of provide certification if all the requirements are met. Certification must be renewed every year and no continuing education is required for practicing nurse aides. Some institutions such as Bellevue College and Whatcom Community College offer more than train and also help students through the certification process.

Employment & Salary

Washington CNA employment and job outlook

The trained nurse aides are in high demand in Washington with the growth in this occupation expected to grow at a rate of 20% making this one of the fastest and secure occupations today and years to come. The enormous potential in the field makes enrolling for CNA classes in WA a wise choice especially for people looking to join the medical field and secure a stable job after undergoing a few months’ training. The University of Washington Medical Center and Sacred Hearts Medical Center are among the top employers.

Average CNA salary in Washington

There is a wide variation where the salaries are concerned based on demand, experience and the care facility among other factors. The average CNA income in Washington is however slightly higher than the national average with the hourly rate average of $13 and an annual rate of $27,600. This is in comparison with the national average of $11 per hour and $24,400 annually. Large institutions such as The University of Washington Medical Center generally pay more when compared to nursing homes and private hospitals.