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CNA Classes in Virginia

The sudden surge of training programs in Virginia is a sure indication that the market has taken note of the high and ever rising demand for certified nurse aides in this state. This trend is expected to remain constant as the demand for CNA is predicted to increase over the next decade. More people are choosing to pursue this line of occupation now more than ever before and the available training programs make it easy for those interested to get the training and necessary skills required for the job. CNA classes in VA in most cases last slightly over three months and come at an average cost of about a thousand dollars making the course affordable for most people.

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Best place to get CNA training in Virginia

The top most recognized college in the state of Virginia is the Lord Fairfax Community College. They are operating in three locations in the state. It was established in 1970 which is recognized for its quality curriculum and education not only in the medical field but also in several career studies. Another best institute to gain certificates as certified nursing aides is in Germanna Community College, it started its operation since 1970 with a 2 year community college. The institution is accredited by the board of nursing.

CNA training online in Virginia

Most of the local colleges and universities in Virginia are offering scholarship programs or free trainings to students who wish to become a future certified nursing assistant someday. They will screen promising candidates who have met the set of their requirements. Candidates are often working part time to sustain their living, and also for those people who has strict budgets. Students can learn more about this free CNA training program if they will visit the nearest institution in their area, or by visiting their official website. Gaining extra knowledge can get you to a much fulfilling lifestyle. Quality education can be best attained especially with the help of modern technologies these days.

Accelerated CNA program in Virginia

Students who are enrolled under classes for certified nursing assistants’ classes are working under the direct supervision of medical professionals and registered nurses in order to meet the quality standardized care to all of the patients. Students who already gained complete units for CNA classes can proceed to an accelerated CNA certification program. Most of CNA classes are often offered in a vocational school or a local college in a state. The accelerated programs for aspiring certified nursing aides are composed of both lecture and hands on clinical exposure. This will take about 6 weeks for the students to complete the said program and must pass the competency examination.


CNA certification process in Virginia

The state of Virginia has about seven schools which offer training programs for students who want to become certified nursing assistants. For you to become a certified nursing assistant, you must first pass their competency examination which is offered by the Virginia’s board of nursing. Each of these institutions is offering both classroom based setting and clinical exposures on hospitals. This is also to equip the students in the nursing aide licensure examination. Led by the dedicated and well experienced nurses, nursing aide programs aims to meet the excellence in providing quality standardized care. Most of these institutions are operating for over 100 years.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Virginia

It is reported that the certified nursing aides average salary can range to $22,000 while some can earn up to $30,000. The hourly rate of CNA’s in Virginia is $10, while some can range up to $14 depending on their employment status. CNA’s salary can also vary per state all over the United States. There are several factors that can affect every certified nursing assistants wage, may it be on their location, tax and its federal law. The more experience you have the more money you will earn.