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CNA Classes in Tennessee

Becoming a CNA today is a wise choice given the high demands of certified nurse aides in Tennessee. There is a predicted 21% increase in this field over the next 10 years meaning that is going to be easy to secure employment and stay relevant in the job market even in years to come. Training and a CNA certification exam must be undertaken for certification to be granted by the Tennessee Department of Health. CNA classes in TN must be at least 75 hours with 16 hours involving hands on training in a medical facility. The classes are available online or in different training institutions and are both affordable and easily accessible to people that meet the basic requirements for enrollment.


Opening CNA classes in Tennessee

Opening CNA classes in TN are available for anyone interested in joining the medical profession. To qualify to enroll for any program, an applicant needs to be 18 years and above and at least have a high school diploma. There are different programs offered by different learning institutions and by private trainers. People should be careful and only enroll in programs that are approved and accredited in order to qualify to take the licensing test and get an operating license. The training normally takes 75 hours and covers five key areas. These areas include; residents’ rights, residents’ independence, communication and writing skills, safety and emergency procedures and infection control. Some of the best programs in the state are offered by Allied Health Institute and Ross Medical Education Centers among other great institutions.

Accelerated CNA program in Tennessee

As the name suggests an accelerated program is normally supposed to take a shorter duration. To make this possible, the programs theory and practical training is conducted at the same time. The 75 hours of training are however maintained though the program schedule for the accelerated program is more intense. Accelerated CNA classes in TN are offered by various institutions such as Tennessee College of Applied Technology and private trainers who can tailor programs to suit different students’ needs.


Tennessee CNA licensing requirements

In order to get certification and an operating license, an individual is expected to attend and complete CNA classes in TN and also sit for the state competency test at least within 24 months after completing the training program. In some cases, exemptions are made when it comes to training for individuals who have received training in other states and military personnel and medics.

Such individuals however must meet the requirements set by the state and in most cases have to pass the competency test before certification and licensing is granted. Certification is for two years after which the license should be renewed. Some of the institutions that offer training and also help when it comes to certification include Concorde Career College and Tennessee College of Applied Technology College.

Employment & Salary

Tennessee CNA employment and job outlook

There has been tremendous growth over the past years in this field and this trend is expected to continue and the job opportunities for nurse aides are expected to keep increasing in the next decade. This has increased the level of interest in the profession with most centres that offer CNA classes in TN recording a higher enrollment and consequently a higher population of students who progress to get certified and practice within the state. Institutions such as University of Tennessee Medical Center and Signature Healthcare- Care Redefined offer numerous opportunities to individuals who are just starting out and those that have been in this field for some time.

Average CNA salary in Tennessee

Nurse aides in Tennessee earn an average of$ 22,420 per year. The general range is however between $18,000 and$24,000. There are nurse aides who earn much more than this with some earning up to $38,000 annually. Earnings per year are pegged on the individuals’ experience, the employer and the cost of living in a given area among other factors. An individual who has just completed CNA classes in TN often be offered a starting salary lower than the state average. The income increases as the individuals experience increases and on secure employment with government institutions and other large facilities such as Mountain States Health Alliance and Golden Living that generally pay more.