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CNA Classes in South Dakota

With close to 14,000 people registered to practice as certified nurse aides and over 50 training programs currently available to those who want to pursue this line in their career it is evident that this is one of the fastest growing occupations in this state. The demands for nurse aides is just as high and most people who undergo training and get the necessary certification have an easy time finding employment either to offer care in different medical institutions or to provide care at home. CNA classes in SD are very flexible with some being offered online and others in a classroom setting. This makes the classes convenient for different people.


Opening CNA class in South Dakota

When one is thinking of delving in a career in the medical field without having to go through years of education, many residents of South Dakota consider pursuing a career as a certified nurse assistant. To help one attain this however one is required to undergo training in various classes that are offered to individuals from all walks of life. With numerous CNA classes in SD it’s quite possible for one to start a career as a CNA as soon as possible. CNA classes in SD offer training after every month to six weeks or so to interested residents in the state. Most of these classes start at beginning of March, April, May, June course running for six to eight weeks. Some however follow the semester format and one has to wait up to four months before enrolling for classes. Fee range is between the charges of $400 to $1200 per course.

Best place to get CNA Certification in South Dakota

As taking care of elderly and sickly patients require a lot of care and patience, getting the best training in how to best take care of patients is the required manner is important. With this training one is better equipped and able to give the much needed emotional and physical support. Over the years there are some that have highlighted themselves as the ideal learning institutions, going beyond the required course outwork and ensuring that one is ready to face all the challenges they come in contact with. These include

Lake Area Technical institute
230 11th St NE, Watertown, SD 57201

Dakota state university
820 Washington Ave N, Madison, SD 57042

Southeast Technical institute
2320 n career Ave, Sioux falls, SD 57107

Western Dakota Technical institute
800 Mickelson Dr, Rapid city, SD 57703

Sisseton Wahpeton Community college
2572 BIA Highway 700, Sisseton, SD 57262


CNA certification process in South Dakota

There are certain requirements that one has to satisfy before fully getting to be a certified nurse assistant in South Dakota. For starters one has to be in the age of majority and that is above 18 years old. Health status should be at par and thus one needs to have an up dated immunization records; specifically of tuberculosis and of mumps, measles and Rubella. After this one has to complete state approved training course specifically the recommended state period of clinical hours before being allowed to sit for the CNA exam in which one has to pass before being viewed as a fully certified nurse assistant

Employment & Salary

South Dakota CNA employment and job outlook

With numerous health care facilities and elderly care centers in SD, getting employment as a certified CNA individual is easy. Monthly vacancies are on offer and thus getting and starting a career in the medical field is easy. This is made all the more possible with some of the institutions willingly offer positions on a weekly basis. These include;

Patient care Assistant, Surgical renal
Sanford Health- Sioux, Falls, SD

Certified Nursing assistant, Sanford Health
Beresford SD

Certified Nursing assistant
The Evangelical Lutheran, Good Samaritan society
Sioux falls, SD

Average CNA salary in South Dakota

The average income of a CNA in SD is dependent on the background experience of an individual and the level of education qualification that is brought to the fore. For years, none certified nurse assistants earned an average of $ 19000, however with the preference changing to educated individuals; the average income is $24000 annually.