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CNA Classes in South Carolina

CNA training and certification will eventually open many doors for one who is pursuing their medical career. South Carolina has numerous employment opportunities both in state and private facilities for those who want to accomplish a great career. The starting pay is $ 18 000 and the average pay is $25 000. CNA classes in SC take a total of 70 hours with 20 hours devoted to clinical training. For one to train they will need to be over the age of 18 and have a GED. Total training is 10 weeks. The State of South Carolina does not give CNA certification to one who has been convicted of abuse before. This is done to safeguard patients.



For a training institution to open CNA classes in SC they need to apply for approval to the Commission on Higher Education. Officials from the interested institution must initiate contact and request for application information. The staff of the commission then provides the institution with information pertaining to licensing. If the officials of the institution determine that they are able to meet the required standards, they can proceed to apply for a license and submit all information requested by the commission for review. The commission then carries out the review as per established procedures and issues a license if the institution satisfies all requirements.

Best Place to Get CNA Training in SOUTH CAROLINA

South Carolina boasts a big number of state-approved CNA training programs, spread across the breadth and length of the state, which you can choose from. The state-approved programs require a minimum of 100 hours of classroom learning and clinical experience. Carolina Nursing Assistant Program Academy is one of the best places to train and their tuition fees is $1,035. However, there are many other programs and you would need to do your research in order to settle for the one that best suits you. I have sampled just a few for you below:

1. Abbeville Career Center
2. Forrest College
3. Medford Nursing Center
4. Ignite Healthcare Institute
5. Williamsburg Technical College
Upon successful completion of the program, a candidate can apply for certification within two years. To qualify for certification you must pass a written or oral exam as well as a skills exam. Besides these requirements, you must also pass a criminal background check. This is because the state of South Carolina doesn’t give CNA certification to anyone who has been convicted of felony or abuse as a safety measure to protect patients.


CNA certification process in South Carolina

The first step towards certification is to successfully complete a minimum of 80 hours of both classroom and clinical training at an approved program. Thereafter, you will be required to sit for the nurse aide competency evaluation test. Once you pass the evaluation, your name will be added to the Nurse Aide Registry.

Employment & Salary

South Carolina CNA employment and job outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that South Carolina will have a nurse deficit of 24% through 2015. However, like with most of the U.S, the outlook of the profession in SC is positive. The employment of CNAs is projected to grow by 19% by 2018 in response to a swelling elderly population.

Average Income of Nursing Assistant in SC

On average the annual salary in South Carolina is $21,090. But several other factors can determine how much you get paid either side of the average income. Such determinants include the location of employment, experience of the individual and the type of employer. For example, a more experienced individual will usually get paid more than a starter. Working in a city or for a hospital will usually pay more than working in a rural area or for a nursing home. When these factors combine well a Nursing Assistant can earn an annual income of up to $26,000 in SC