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CNA Classes in Oregon

Being a CNA in Oregon is a good way of kick starting one’s medical career. CNA classes in OR feature flexible schedules to fit into one’s schedule, current and relevant training methods tailored to today’s needs and a dynamic and interactive learning environments. CNA training in Oregon accommodates distance learning. If one falls short in terms of paying fees, assistance in the form of sponsorship is available. Classes require an upwards of 150 hours with 51 hours allocated for clinical training and 24 hours allocated for lab setting. One will learn how to handle patients and medical terminologies when they are in class. One should be 18 years and hold a high school diploma.


Free offering CNA classes in Oregon

Serving people in need are truly rewarding, being a certified nursing assistant is a great option for you start your career  in the health care industry.  There are vocational schools and colleges that offer low cost or sometimes free of charge in the state of Oregon. This option is good for students who are financially constrained or to those individuals who are working part time to sustain their needs. The state of Oregon has established a workforce development that aims to help students in finding employers whenever they have already completed their nursing aide course. Training programs are usually held in employer’s interests or sometimes in health care facilities.

Best place to get CNA training in Oregon

There are several training institutions in the state of Oregon, first is the Mt. Hood Community College, their curriculum has already been approved by the Oregon’s Board of Nursing. Their training course includes 150 hour of lectures, laboratory experience and exposure in the clinical field. They also offer online training program which has flexible time schedules for all of the students. Another best institution is the Blue Mountain Community College, Mercy Rehabilitation and care center, Holy Cross Nursing Assistant Education and Treasure Valley Community College.


CNA certification process in Oregon

Nursing aides should pass their training and requirements before they can be certified. All new nursing assistants can apply the competency exam in the state of Oregon. There is an approved 150 hour training program and students must complete at least 75 supervised clinical hours to be eligible for the certification. During employment, students need to attach a copy of their diploma as a proof that they have completed the training course.

Employment & Salary

Oregon CNA employment and job outlook

According to the labor bureau of Oregon, there will be an increased 21% on the job employment rate up until the year 2022. This projected growth is because of the increased rehabilitation and new investments in hospitals. Another factor is that there is an increased population in the elderly care. Especially that these days technology are made even better to help medical practitioners in maintaining the quality of life. The most abundant nursing job field that requires medical jobs are those tertiary hospitals, large companies and nursing homes.

Average CNA salary in Oregon

Many students are aspiring to become a registered nursing assistant someday this is because of their salary. According to statistics, the annual yearly wage of CNA’s can range up to $24,000, while their hourly rate can range up to $14. Other compensations and benefits are still not included. Holiday and overtime pays can also make certified nursing assistants salary big. If you are willing to invest your money in education, you can consider nursing assistant training program. After you have got your certification, then this will be your insurance in your future employment. Salary will also increase according to the students’ skills and experience, especially if you have already rendered years of medical service in a given medical facility. It is still not too late to increase your educational attainment, this program will just last for a couple months depending on your chosen institution.