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CNA Classes in North Carolina

CNA classes in NC include topics like communication and interaction with patients, CPR, enforcing patient’s rights, infection control and safety of patients. A minimum of 75 hours of both theory and practical learning with at least 16 hours dedicated to practical, hands –on training. There is currently a growing need for CNAs in North Carolina. This is one of the careers in the medical field that does not need licensing in NC, getting rid of possible bottlenecks. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human services oversees the training and certification of CNAs. The final step to becoming a CNA is by passing a Person Vue CNA competency evaluation.


Free offering CNA classes in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina offers CNA training classes in nursing home, vocational and nursing schools. For most of the students, they think they can’t avail this training program without paying for tuition fees, but they are wrong. They can learn CNA training programs at no cost, they just have to pass all necessary requirements set by your chosen institution. After that you can complete the course and be certified, actually there are lots of ways for you to find CNA training at no cost in North Carolina. Institutions can hire you if you will just agree to work for their nursing facility. Employers will sponsor your training program and they will give you an amount of time to complete the free CNA training.

 Best place to get CNA training in North Carolina

Here are some of the nursing homes or medical care facilities that can sponsor your CNA training program. First on the list is the Abbotts Creek care and Rehabilitation Center, they are located in the Everhart Road, next is the Abernethy Laurels which can be found in Leonard Avenue, Alamance Health Care Center located in Hilton Street, Anson Community Hospital and Aston Park Health Care Center. These institutions are known to offer free yet quality training.


North Carolina CNA licensing requirements

In the state of North Carolina, they have the Department of Health and Human Services which oversees all the trainings and certifications set to certified nursing assistants. All of the aspiring certified nursing assistants are asked to complete 75 hours of classroom and clinical exposures. They also need to submit a complete criminal background check to become a certified in the North Carolina. Certain scores must also be achieved in both sections of the examination to be eligible for the certification.

Employment & Salary

North Carolina CNA employment and job outlook

Employment rate for certified nursing assistants will continue to grow in the succeeding years for about 21%. This projected growth is quite faster than other average occupations. There are certain factors that contribute to employment rate. One is through growth in population, it is reported that population of elderlies are increasing in the United States, which needs long term care. Huge numbers of nursing aides and orderlies are needed to compensate with this growing population.

Average CNA salary in North Carolina

According to the bureau of labor and statistics in the state of North Carolina, the average pay that certified nursing assistants can get is up to $24,000 with an hourly rate of $12. Many health care institutions are also entry level salaries for those who have recently graduated and certified. Some employer does not require work experience and on the job training as part of their application. Hence, it is expected that compensation and benefits can be lesser. On the other hand, there are over 1 million available numbers of jobs all over the state until year 2022, and this employment rate is quite faster than the average earning occupations. This is also the reason why many are attracted in this field, due to high demand on employment and of course better offers for compensation and benefits, especially if they are working during holidays, graveyard shifts and overtime.