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CNA Classes in NJ

CNA certification process in NJ

There are several CNA training programs in New Jersey. Training programs for CNA’s are approved by the board of senior services and New Jersey’s department of health. They are also responsible for setting standards for schools to meet the criteria in giving competency exams to all the students. Just like with the other states, schools offer 75 hours of thorough medical training and might extend according to a specific curriculum that a school offers. These training courses are known to enhance the students’ theoretical knowledge both in classroom setting and clinical exposures. Most importantly, all students are required to have a clean criminal record with a support of fingerprint reports to qualify in becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Free offering CNA classes in NJ

A workforce advantage program has been provided by the state for all of the unemployed persons. This program enables them to register and qualify for a free CNA training for those promising candidates. This would only take about few weeks to complete the said training. Job placement bureaus in New Jersey, provides information about facilities which offers a free charge of CNA training. Schools and universities who offer free CNA training must first be recognized by the bureau prior to enlisting qualified candidates.

Best place to get CNA training in NJ

Here are some of the medical facilities which offer free charge of CNA training to financially weak students. Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation, they are located in Andover, Applegarth Care Center which can be found on Monroe Township and the Applewood Estates located in Applewood Drive. These institutions are already recognized and awarded by the labor registry of New Jersey in helping poor students to avail the quality education that they deserve. If you are interested, you can visit their official website online and you can contact them with the numbers displayed.

CNA market trend in New Jersey

Certified nursing assistants salary in New Jersey is not affected by the training program that they have gained. Whichever training program as nursing aides can be best for all aspiring students. Just similar to other jobs salaries of certified nursing assistants are based on their skills and experiences. Some of the jobs offered require at least two year worth of experience in the field. Some companies are also willing to hire new certified nursing assistants without experiences in the medical field. New CNA’s are starting their career in a nursing home or clinics, for them to gain vast experience in the medical field required for greener pastures.

Average CNA salary in NJ

According to statistical reports, it is reported that the average pay based on their individual experiences will range up to $33,000 annually. Hourly wage for certified nursing assistants is $12.71, while some can earn up to $16 per hour. Salaries can greatly be affected on where your working facility is situated whether it may be on a city or in a rural area. Federal law and tax can also impact the certified nursing assistants’ earnings. Hospitals can pay more compared to schools and nursing homes. It is advised by professionals to those newly certified nursing assistants to start their career in a smaller medical facility to compensate with their medical skills and knowledge.