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CNA Classes in New York

If this is the first time for you to get CNA classes in New York, all you need to do is to complete sets of requirements needed by the institute of your choice. Colleges and institutes offer course works and training programs to their students. All interested applicants must pass fingerprint cards so that they will be issued licenses needed for their courses. According to New York’s federal law, they require each student to complete 175 accredited hours, these are divided into 2 classes. Completion of 75 hours are needed for theory based lecture and 100 hours needed for clinical exposure on hospitals.

CNA market trend in New York

CNA market trends show an employment inclination since 2004 to present. The trend supports that nursing assistants are one of the on demand professions these days. Statistics provide information to the bureau of labor in New York, that nursing aides has an average salary of $24,010 in a year and has an hourly rate of $11.54 per hour. Of course salary varies depending to each state. It is reported that nursing jobs will still continue its demand until the succeeding years. Certified Nursing Assistants requires training classes and non-degree postsecondary courses.

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CNA training online in New York

CNA training online in New York offers a wide scope of training same as the other institutions. They offer flexible time schedules for all of their students who are sometimes busy with their personal careers or other jobs. It is reported that more students are interested in becoming as one of the certified nursing assistants due to high demand in work both local and international. If you are interested in becoming a CNA, you can find more about the leading schools and colleges on their websites that offers extensive training and program to enhance and equip you for your future.

Best place to get CNA training in New York

There are several public schools which are known as the Best place to get CNA training in New York. One of the best institutes is the Hostos Community College, they offer 130 competent hours lasting for about 5 months. They require all their applicants to have a high school diploma as a pre-requisite. Kingsborough community college is one of the certified nursing aid institutions; they offer more extensive training with 132 hours in just two months. Third on the list is Lehman College, which offers 130 hours for just one month. They also need similar requirements and orientation as with the other institutions.


CNA certification process in New York

CNA certification process in New York will require a licensure examination for each of the applicants. The nursing assistants have about 6 months to complete the said training course. Each of the schools which offer nursing aide curriculum needs special requirements prior to their training. In New York, requirements are two fingerprint cards with photo ID, background check, and 2 recent photos in passport size. It is also important that an applicant must have a negative TB test and has updated immunizations. High school diploma is also a pre-requisite. So these requirements are needed for you to start and complete the nursing aide course.

Employment & Salary

CNA employment and job outlook in New York

Certified nursing assistants job outlook is very strong and competitive, this is fueled by an increase manpower demand in the health care industry. Also the aging population makes the population boom generation by generation, which will result in an increased staffing for nurses and other medical practitioners. According to the local government of New York, they stated that there is an increase of 20% or over 300,000 new vacant job positions available. Fast turnover among nursing staff and other medical practitioners like nursing assistants will also contribute for large number of job openings in the state. These are the reasons why many student in New York wish to become a certified nursing assistant someday.

Average income of CNA in New York

According to the statistics released by the local government of New York, an hourly rate of certified nursing assistants in the state is around $12 which can make around $25,000 over a year. These figures are considerable variance because they have studied all the possible rate and compensation that every certified nursing aide can earn. Assuming that a certified nursing assistant works 40 hours in a week, they can earn at a minimum of $18,060 over a year, while at the high end they can earn $35,170 annually. In addition to that, the median income was reported about $24,000 with an hourly rate of $11. This profession is already considered as one of the highest paid in the working industry.