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CNA Classes in New Orleans

In order to begin a successful career of becoming a CNA, one must complete a state-recognized Nurse Aide/Assistant Training Program (NATP) that has a classroom, lab, and a clinical section. Only after successful completion of the training and passing CNA one get licensed by the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) of the state of New Orleans.

A prospective student has to apply for an opening of CNA classes at least two weeks before the commencement of the first class. Needed for enrolment is a high school diploma or GED. An individual who enrolls for the CNA program has to ensure that they do not have any criminal record as this is basis for disqualification. Needed are two id passport photos and two finger print cards in order to run a complete back ground check. An assessment of total health situation is also done and it includes ensuring that an individual has the proper documentation showing proof of immunization against measles, mumps and rubella and recent test of tuberculosis tests.

CNA certification in New Orleans

After successful enrolment and attendance of CNA training, one need to get the necessary training that will enable him to get accredited by the state’s Board of Nursing. This paves way for one to actually sit and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam (NNAAP). A variety of features are involved in the training; they include written and skill assessment. In skill, certain areas that are technical are tested to gauge the overall understanding of the student and the position that they are meant to play. Practical skill involves being able to react to different situations that need attention and how to take care of the overall well-being of the patient. After passing of this test, then an individual gets certified.

Renewal of the CNA certification after completion of classes is deemed necessary after every two years and this is done free of charge in the state of New Orleans. However one needs to still be active and must have performed nursing aide duties for at the least eight hours within the two year period. Timeline for license before an individual is forced for a reset for an examination is three years.

An individual who wants to apply to be a registered CNA in New Orleans from another state must ensure that;

• The individual is still active on another state’s nurse assistant registry.

• Has no criminal record or has no pending conviction against him especially ones that deal with abuse, misappropriation of property or neglect.

• Has a valid social security card

• Is still active and has performed a minimum of eight hours of nursing duties for the last two years.

Best place to get CNA certification in New Orleans

With new Orleans having a rapid increase in the number of elderly individuals and cases of unemployment are on the high, individuals looking for a viable career in the state of New Orleans must find accredited institutions to get needed training. They best place to get CNA certification in New Orleans includes

• Red cross- globally

With a globally renowned track record, the cost of getting training here is at an all-time low. Here students attract fee of the state exam and the compulsory back ground checking and nothing else. Red Cross center doubles up as a training and testing center thus shortens period of being certified.

• St Agatha career school

St. Agatha career school has for the past few years curved a niche for itself by consistently offering high standard instruction and raining to the residents of New Orleans. The class hours are divided into 90 and 40 hours of classroom training and clinical training respectively. The tuition fee costs $1100 exclusive of exam fee and back ground check costs.

• William Carey University

This university in New Orleans services the resident of New Orleans and its environs. It meets and supersedes the thresh hold placed by the government and offers 130 hours of training. Students get to have extensive training at the William Carey University especially with the well trained personnel and dedicated staff that administers the training and testing in same facility

• Charity school of nursing

This is an adult education facility that is focused on offering assistance to individuals who want to have a career in the medical field with o large costs. Day and night classes are availed to successful applicants who get to attend six weeks of training at low cost.

Hospital CNA training in New Orleans

Many schools which offer CNA training have new sessions and classes that begin every 6 to 8 weeks. However when it comes to hospitals in New Orleans, classes run for ten weeks before commencement of another. The training involves earning how to be responsible for patients physical, emotional and mental set up. More than that as a nurse assistant in hospital, procedures like explaining treatment process and education of patients on how to better take care themselves falls on you. In first two weeks, restriction is placed on the interaction of students with residents until completion of basic knowledge. Afterwards students get the opportunity to learn preventative care techniques and how to maintain a patients schedule and treatment progress on to of offering emotional support

CNA training online in New Orleans

Being a certified nurse assistant means that the overall work load will be offering physical assistance to doctors and certified nurses in health care facilities. Many individuals take this to mean that online CNA training cannot be administered In New Orleans, this is further from the reality. In duration of almost three weeks, an individual gets to earn the basics of what it means to be a nurse aide. This includes elements of how to deal with the patients, his rights and different emotional specific needs. The list of the training goes on and one gets t learn about foot care, blood pressure measurements, teeth brushing, moving patient from the bed and patient positioning in certain circumstances. After completion of this, an individual is expected a minimum amount of 65 hours getting experience that they will use on patients. After this then the CNA examination is given and thus one gets to be a registered nurse in New Orleans