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CNA Classes in Montana

CNA jobs are on high demand in Montana making CNA trendy and marketable in the state. It is one of the fastest rising in the field and has employed plenty of nursing assistants. Here nursing assistants are paid up to $20 000 to around $30 000 per year for their services. Their packages include bonuses and benefits which are handsome. As such CNA classes in MT are some of the highest standard. CNA training in Montana can be carried out in healthcare establishments, hospitals, educational facilities and nursing facilities. To enroll for a CNA class in Montana one has to be of 18 years and above and have a high school Diploma. Classes include 50 hours of instructional learning and 25 hours of practical. During practical, one works under a registered nurse licensed by the state of Montana.


Opening CNA class in Montana

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are responsible for helping patients with monitor vital signs, activities of daily living and help to keep patients safe and comfortable. If you want to enter in healthcare industry, this is the best career. To become a nursing assistant, you must complete a training program and appear for necessary certification exam. You will get the certification after completing training program and pass the test. You can find lots of nursing assistant training programs in Montana. In this place, certified nurse assistant training program is approved by Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Minimum 75 hours of training is required for completing the course. There will be both classroom and clinical training. Once you complete the course successfully, you can appear for nursing assistant competency examination.

Best place to get CNA training in Montana

Montana offers a number of training opportunities for those who want to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. Community colleges, community centers, high schools and employers offer this course. Montana State Survey and Certification Agency manages the activities of accrediting nursing assistant programs. In order to register your name in a certified nursing assistant program, you must have 18 years, mentally and physically fit and you must have a clean criminal history. Some institutes conduct aptitude test to select the best candidates. The coursework include:

* Infection control
* Emergency and safety procedure
* Basic nursing
* Patient’s right
* HIPPA standards, etc

Once you complete certified nurse assistant class successfully and pass certification tests, you can seek employment in places such as mental health facilities, vocational schools, community centers and colleges, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, home healthcare facilities, etc. Some of the featured CNA classes in MT are:

* Eagle Cliff Healthcare Community
* Billing Clinic
* Big Sandy Medical Center
* Community Hospital of Anaconda
* Fallon Medical Complex
* Valley Healthcare Center
* Dawson Community College
* Missouri River Medical Center
* The University of Montana
* Helena College University of Montana
* Central Montana medical Center


CNA certification process in Montana

Once you complete your training program successfully, you are eligible to appear for certification examination. You need to show evidence of your training, certification process and your ID to appear for this examination. After passing certification exam, you must keep it active. It can be done by renewing certification every year. You must complete minimum 8 hours of paid work to keep your certification active.

Employment & Salary

Montana CNA employment and job outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate for certified nursing assistants over the next decade is 21 percent. It is also estimated that there will be the demand for more than one million CNAs in this field. So, the job prospects and employment opportunities for these healthcare professionals are very bright.

Average CNA salary in Montana

The salary of Montana certified nurse assistants is slightly less than the national average of $24,980 per year. The average hourly income of CNA in Montana is around $10.98. Some cities in Montana offer a salary near national average. However, you will not get equal to or more than the national average salary in Montana. The average salary of certified nurse assistants in Montana is $22,840 per year.