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CNA Classes in Missouri

With a relatively high demand for qualified nurses’ aides, Missouri offers everything one would need in order to start a new and rewarding career as a nursing assistant. Currently, there are many CNA training and job opportunities in healthcare centers across the state. A number of nurses training institutions are offering highly subsidized or even free CNA classes in MO, something that has contributed to increased popularity of medical assisting career and CNA student penetration in the state. CNA graduates from these courses are easily finding employment in hospitals, nursing homes, home health care businesses and other specialty health care facilities in the state.


Opening CNA classes in Missouri

Before you will be accepted in an institution for becoming a certified nursing aide, students are required to complete all the requirements for them to proceed with the training course. Such requirements are fingerprint cards and a negative TB test result. Licensure and certificates will not be issued if applicants have not also passed the federal background check with a good standing. Usually the state of Missouri offers 175 hours to all the nursing aide students. After a student has passed the licensure examination as nursing aide assistants, they will be placed on the Missouri’s nursing aide registry.

Best place to get CNA training in Missouri

There numerous places for you to gain a nursing aide certificate in Missouri. One of the best known institutions is South University. They design curriculum which can fit to the working students’ schedule. They also have online courses which has the same quality of instruction and quality of service. Another is Midwest Technical Institute; the institution is known to provide a kick start on your educational goals. They create a diverse health and wellness programs which helped all their students in meeting the excellence in health care.

Free offering CNA classes in Missouri

The state of Missouri is also offering free classes for students who want to become a certified nursing assistant. In fact, universities and colleges reported an increased number of admissions in CNA classes. This is also made possible because of their heightened campaign in their official website. These institutions are aiming to provide quality education for free among the local residents in the state, to help them with their future and career. More information about scholarships and their curriculum can be found on their official website. Feel free to visit of their websites for you to check what will be the option for you, especially if you have a strict budget or working as a part time employee.


CNA certification process in Missouri

According to the federal regulation of Missouri, they require an institution to do a thorough background check for every applicant. The most important document that they will need is a proof a students’ high school diploma or GED. After a student has completed 75 hours of theory based training and 100 hours of clinical exposure on hospitals, they are considered to have successfully completed the training course. The registry will now require all the graduates to apply for the nursing aide licensure examination. Topics will include basic nursing skills, disaster training and methods for caring mentally confused patients.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Missouri

As per the labor bureau of Missouri, the reported median salary for certified nursing assistants can range up to $24,000. Most of the CNA’s are working full time in nursing homes and other medical care facilities. Their salary can increase more if they work within graveyard shifts and holidays. It is considered by most of the CNA’s to start their working career in a clinic or hospital. This is due to enhance their knowledge in basic nursing skills with a good start in their salary. The bigger the facility they work the bigger of chances they have in getting good compensation and benefits.