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CNA Classes in Mississippi

Like in many other states, the demand for licensed nurses’ aides is quite high and more nursing assistants are actually needed than there are qualified individuals to fill them. This has meant that qualified nursing assistants and those currently taking CNA classes in MS have very high chances of finding employment and advancing their careers in the medical field. The increased demand for CNAs – which is higher than the supply – has forced nursing schools, medical facilities and other organizations to provide assistance to students in order to attract and help them enter this profession. To this end, these institutions are offering cheap or free CNA classes in Mississippi to encourage people to become nurses’ aides. Many students are taking advantage of these classes to follow their personal interests and skills to enjoy a rewarding career in the medical field.


Best Place to Get CNA Training in Mississippi

The best certified nursing assistant schools offer top quality, approved training programs that are designed to give students the cutting-edge competencies needed to excel in today’s global marketplace. Through coursework centered on the latest theories, research, and best practices in the field, prospective nurses’ aides gain practical skills which they can apply to solve immediate challenges in their workplace, community, or profession. There are many accredited training institutes and colleges that offer nurse aide programs in Mississippi. These schools are the best place to get certified nursing assistant training in the state. They include:

– Northwest Mississippi Community College
– Meridian Community College
– Copiah-Lincoln Community College
– Mississippi Delta Community College
– East Central Community College

Free CNA Classes in Mississippi

Paying for any kind of health educational program can get expensive fast, and certified nursing assistant training programs can sometimes cost a pretty penny too. Resourceful students will find that there are many potential places to look for free nurse aide courses or funding at both the state and local level. One often overlooked source is nursing homes, hospitals and medical facilities themselves, who sometimes offer free or low cost classes to students who are willing to work for them after certification. Several organizations, nursing schools and community colleges also offer scholarships or grants to individuals looking to work in the health care profession. Taking advantage of these scholarships and grants allows students to get training and certification at little or no cost.

Some of the Mississippi institutions that offer scholarships and grants or free nurse aide programs include:

– North East Mississippi Community College
– East Mississippi Community College
– Holmes County Long Term Care Center Durant
– Belhaven Senior Care, LLC
– Golden Living Center Meridian
– Baptist Memorial Hospital


Mississippi CNA Licensing Requirements

To get nursing assistant certification in Mississippi, candidates must complete the required hours of the state approved training program and then pass a National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) test. Mississippi law requires that nurse aide training courses provide at least 75 hours of training with a minimum of 16 hours of hands-on guidance in a professional medical setting. The Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Bureau of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification has contracted with Pearson VUE, a nationally recognized assessment provider, to monitor, score and report the results of the NNAAP competency exam for the Nurse Aide Registry of Mississippi. Pearson VUE works with NACES Plus Foundation to schedule and administer the exam. The students who take and pass the exam appear on the state’s Nurse Aide Registry. To be eligible for the exam, prospective nurses’ aides must: be at least 18 years old, possess the evidence of a high school diploma or GED, provide evidence of the latest immunizations, take a complete physical screening, including drug testing and TB testing, and undergo background checks that involve felony and a fingerprinting check. After submitting these evidences, prospective nurses’ aides can enroll for the CNA classes in MS and be allowed to take the competency exam in order to earn certification.

– Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
– Hinds Community College
– Southwest Mississippi Community College
– Holmes Community College

Employment & Salary

Mississippi CNA Employment and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assisting job market has been experiencing an enviable growth of 19% since 2008. This trend is expected to continue for the next few years. Currently, Mississippi is experiencing a shortage of nurses’ aides to fill many positions in hospitals and elder care facilities throughout the state. And because of this, it may be quite easy right now and in the coming years to find employment being a nurse’s aide in the state. For those who are looking for work, nursing homes and hospitals are key places to look but psychiatric care, home health care and specialty health care organizations are also great places to find jobs.
– Ita Wamba Community College
– East Central Community College
– Care Center of Laurel
– Choctaw Residential Center

Average Income of CNA in Mississippi

In larger cities like Jackson, Raleigh, Port Gibson, Tupelo, Laurel, Senatobia and others, nurses’ aides can expect to make somewhere between $18,000 to $28,000 a year. This is somewhat below the national average for nurses’ aides. But it should not discourage those who are looking to work as nursing assistants in Mississippi. This is because the cost of living in MS is lower than that of many other states, which makes even a lower than average salary go a little further than it would elsewhere. Moreover, some medical assisting positions in the state will offer special benefits that can sometimes make up for earning a little less.

– Brandon Nursing and Rehabilitation
– Trinity Mission Health and Rehab
– Jones County Rest Home
– Meadville Nursing Home