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CNA Classes in Minnesota

While many wouldn’t think Minnesota as a particularly job rich place to live, the reality is that the job market for nurses’ aides is quite good. Qualified nursing assistants are in high demand in medical facilities across the state. As a result, prospective CNAs or those currently undertaking CNA classes in MN can look forward to enjoying many great career and opportunities in the state. These opportunities are expected to grow throughout the next decade, making CNA a fairly secure career to pursue. To make things even better, nursing schools, hospitals and other training organizations are offering affordable and easily accessible CNA classes in Minnesota to enable students to enter this field. This means anyone who is in the market for a new career as a nursing assistant in MN or planning to continue an existing career will find all the resources and opportunities necessary to do so.


Opening CNA classes in Minnesota

If you are looking for a stable career in the field of medicine and health care, then consider enrolling in one of CNA classes offered in the state. More students are willing to be part of this training program this is due to better chances of opportunities. Classes opened in Minnesota are both done in classroom and clinical setting. This will totally enhance the learning experience of every student. Training programs that they offer has been accredited and approved by the board of nursing. They have been working hand in hand to make sure that they will be able to provide quality education to all of their students.

Best place to get CNA training in Minnesota

Here are some of the best places in the state of Minnesota which offers affordable yet quality education. First is the National American University, its institution has been established since year 1941. They are making sure that their curriculum are updated and uses advancement of technologies. They are also offering online programs to students who wish to learn at a flexible time. Second best is the Argosy University, they specialize in offering masters and bachelor’s degree, but they have come to a point wherein they need to cater students who are willing to study programs at a short span of time.


Minnesota CNA licensing requirements

Here are some of the requirements for you to be an official student in one of CNA classes in the state of Minnesota. First you must be an official resident of the state either naturalized or permanent. Must have passed the English test upon interview conducted by the program staff, can speak fluent English in class in order to communicate effectively to patients and residents in the health care facility and of course must be in a good physical condition to ensure safe quality care to all patients involved.

Employment & Salary

Minnesota CNA employment and job outlook

In year 2004, it is reported that there were over 1.4 million certified nursing assistants employed in the United States alone in different medical care facilities. The employment growth shows significant increase compared to the average occupations. Certified nursing assistants employment was rated about 21% increase for the years to come. Expected that there will be over 300,000 additional employees will be hired in different institutions. There is truly a vast employment opportunity that waits for successful certified nursing assistants in the medical field.

Average CNA salary in Minnesota

Here are the significant figures that certified nursing assistants can earn in over a year. On an average, they can earn up to $24,000, while their hourly rate is $12. The rates will depend on their skills and knowledge as health care practitioners. Most of the health care facilities do not require an on the job training experience to the qualified applicants, because they believe that students have already learned their skills in their clinical exposures. Number of jobs open for certified nursing assistants as of year 2010 has over 1 million heads, and this will continue to rise until year 2020. There is over 300,000 reported employment change as of year 2010. All figures will subject to change according to the state’s economy and government policy.