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CNA Classes in Michigan

Michigan’s health care field is expanding rapidly, providing many great opportunities for qualified nursing assistants and those currently undertaking CNA classes in MI. At the moment, there’s a wide range of medical specialties and facilities within which qualified nurses’ aides can find work. Nursing schools and medical facilities in MI, on the other hand, are making a proactive effort to broaden the path for entering into this field. These training institutions are offering extremely affordable or even free CNA classes in Michigan, allowing prospective CNA to fulfill their career dreams whilst also improving CNA student penetration.


Best Place to get CNA Certification in Michigan

Enroll in an approved training program is the primary step to become a certified nursing assistant in Michigan. The classes are accredited by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Community colleges, vocational schools, nursing homes, hospitals technical schools, long term care facilities, etc. are conducting nursing assistant courses. Accredited training facilities also offer minimum 75 hours of instruction, which include 59 hours of class room studies and 16 hours of clinical experience. You must meet the following criteria to enroll in a CNA training program. So, you must be 18 years old, must pass TB test and criminal background check, have diploma in high school or GED and you have the ability to read and write English. The course will cover topics such as hand washing, body mechanics, personal care including nails, mouth and hands care, grooming and assisting patients, dealing with unconscious patients, nutrition and hydration, etc. Course fee varies between $700-$1600. However, you will get financial help and incentives from some schools or institutions. Some of the best places for getting CNA certification in Michigan are:

* Everest Institute
* Ross Medical Education Centers
* ITT Technical Institute
* Liberty University
* American Sentinel University Online
* Baker College of Auburn Hills,
* Ed-Tech Center
* Kellogg Community College
* Valley Training Center, LLC

If you are a registered CNA from a different state and wish to work in Michigan, you can submit a request for exemption from Nurse Aide Training form. You must also provide the proof of CNA license in other state. If your request is accepted, you will be eligible for clinical and written exam. In such a way, your name also will be added to the Michigan CNA Registry.

CNA Scholarship in Michigan

The demand for nurses is very high. Therefore, numerous scholarship programs and grants are available for helping the aspiring individuals. Free CNA training will be offered by financial school department. Before joining in a training institution, you must ask them whether you are eligible for getting help from financial aid school department. You can also collect as much as information as you can to complete your course in a better way. Workforce Investment Act provides lots of opportunities to students who wish to build a stable career. Local workforce office provides free CNA training to the individuals. This scholarship is better for those who are not employed in a certain period of time. WIA provides free nursing assistant training to individuals. Once you qualify for this incense, you will get training without giving any payment. If you are not able to get traditional financial aid, you can seek Opportunity Grants, which allow you to complete your CNA course for free. The eligibility criteria differ by states. This grant is allowed on the basis of your income level. Poor disabled individuals who wish to become a CNA can seek Disability Grants to complete the training program. Vocational rehabilitation programs are conducted by many states. You can approach local district office to know more about these types of grants.

Accelerated CNA Program

Accelerated CNA program enables you to start your career in a short period of time. Basic courses and practical training of CNA and accelerated CNA program are same. However, the latter can be completed in two weeks. Accelerated CNA program is designed typically for preparing students to appear for a license examination. The requirements for certification vary as per state laws. Besides fulfilling federal requirements, you must also pass an exam. If you want to enroll in an accelerated certificate program, you need to fulfill certain criteria such as demonstrate English proficiency, valid driving license and need to attend an information session. You must also submit the proof of medical immunization and criminal background check. Medical terminology, patient care basics, medications, clinical internship, CPR and first aid, infection control, medical disorders, patient assessment and vital signs, etc. are some of the courses coming under accelerated CNA program. This program teaches you to perform various duties such as first aid and CPR to patients, check patients’ vital signs, feed and bathe patients, insert catheters, administer medication, communicate with medical personal, etc.


CNA Certification Michigan

If you want to become a Certified nursing assistant, attending a CNA training course and passing the CNA certification exam is the best possible way. However, you can also work as CNA in Michigan if the certification from other state is accepted by Michigan. However, you must still complete and pass skills and a written exam before you start your CNA career in Michigan. You can attend nursing assistant competency test in Michigan after completing your training course. You must also select a course, which is approved by the state of Michigan. Typically, the course takes 75 hours to complete. You must also complete 16 hours supervised clinical training before appearing certified exam. All aspects of training classes must be completed before appearing for the certification examination, which gives equal importance on written and skill portion. In order to get CNA certification, you must pass both parts of this test. Once you get a CNA certification, you must renew your license before the expiry date. This is not a difficult process. You will get a re-certification form from the Nurse Aide Registry in Michigan a couple of months before your license is expired. The form must be completed and returned before the due date. Your certification can be renewed if you have minimum of 8 hours work experience as a nursing assistant under the supervision of a physician or a registered nurse within 24 months certification period. You must also submit forms and fees to renew your certification. Minimum 8 hours consecutive working experience in two years as nursing assistant must also be proved to renew your certification.

Employment & Salary

CNA employment and job outlook in Michigan

According to the bureau of labor and statistics in the state of Michigan, it is reported that there is an increase of employment for certified nursing assistants. This report was generated last May 2013, and up to this moment it is still believed that more nursing aides are currently employed in different medical care facilities in Michigan. They have generated an increase of 52,090 employment heads in Michigan. There are also factors that can contribute to the job employment recorded in the state, these are the location of the medical care facility, the job compensation and benefits they offer and the requirements that they institution set to the qualified applicants.  Federal taxes and law also affects the salary that every certified nursing assistants can earn in the state of Michigan

Average income of CNA in Michigan

Reliable estimates place annual salaries for certified nursing assistants in Michigan between $22,000 and $32,000 though this range will typically vary depending on a person’s level of experience, location and the specific healthcare facility within which they decide to work. Some CNAs in Michigan earn up to $32,600 a year or more. For the rest of the United States, the average annual salary of a nurse’s assistant ranges from $18,000 to $31,000. This essentially means salaries for CNAs in Michigan are not only good, but also slightly above the national average. Considering the fact that Michigan has some of the most affordable cities and towns in the country, the higher than average CNA salaries make the state one of the best places to work as a nurse’s assistant. In fact, those working as nurses’ aides in Michigan will enjoy a considerably lower cost of living than many other areas of the country, even in big cities like Lansing, Detroit, Warren, Bay City, Ann Arbor, etc. This probably the best thing about becoming a nurse’s aide in Michigan, since the state’s lower cost of living figures usually mean than you have more disposable income, or money in your bank account, after paying for the basics and you don’t need a “big” salary to live as well as you would in a more costly region.