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CNA Classes in Massachusetts

Certified nursing assistants are in high demand in healthcare facilities in Massachusetts and, therefore, the job prospects for qualified CNAs are very good and should continue to be that way for the next few years at the least. This has also meant that CNA classes in MA are a big draw for students looking to establish lucrative careers in the medical field. With healthcare help needed badly in most nursing homes, hospitals and other medical centers, those with experience and those just graduating from CNA classes in Massachusetts can easily find work in a variety of specialty fields dealing with everything from critical care patients to children.


Free CNA classes in Massachusetts

Free CNA training classes in Massachusetts are offered by some organizations. These classes are offered with the needy students being the primary focus. The institutions that offer free training include: the Catholic Charities South that is found in Brockton, Labor Center in South Boston and the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Gloucester.  A number of nursing homes also offer the CNA training for free and these include: the Abbott House Nursing Home in Lynn, the Academy Manor in Andover, the Blackstone Nursing Home in Blackstone, and the Heritage Hall South in Agawam and the Oakwood Nursing Center in Webster. It is imperative to note that these services have terms and conditions attached and therefore care should be taken when applying for the free training programs.

Best places to get CNA training in Massachusetts

The best places CNA training in Massachusetts are the reputed and accredited institutions. These institutions include: The Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown, the Medical Professional Institute in Malden, the Middlesex Community College in Bedford and the North Shore Community College Danvers. The tuition fees in these institutions usually vary from $770 to $6,876. It is essential to acknowledge that students who live around these institutions usually get discounted rates while students who are outside the state usually pay higher rates for the same course.

Accelerated CNA program in Massachusetts

The accelerated CNA program in Massachusetts is a rigorous course offered over a period of six weeks. The accelerated version covers all theoretical and practical aspects of nursing that are covered in the normal CNA training course that takes about two semesters. The major target groups for this program are individuals who have a medical background and they are interested in sitting for the certification examinations. The accelerated program is usually offered in community colleges. It is essential to take in to consideration that the accelerated program mostly focuses on the practical aspects of service delivery in a clinical setting.


The CNA certification process in Massachusetts is not a mammoth task but it requires commitment. In this state, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled before certification begins. These requirements include: The applicants must be at least eighteen years at the time of application or a holder of a high school diploma, a complete physical examination is required: this examination includes a tuberculosis test, an unblemished criminal record and at least one hundred hour of CNA training in an accredited institution. If the requirements are complete then the next step is usually application for the certification examination. The examination registration payment is $93.00. This examination consists of two compulsory divisions: a written segment that consists of a minimum of fifty questions and a maximum of sixty questions, and a clinical segment that evaluates at least five basic applications of the classwork. Both segments have to be passed for one to be registered on the nurse registry and at this point, certification is achieved.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Massachusetts

The average income of CNA in Massachusetts varies across the state. The salary is determined by the years of experience, the area of expertise and the region where one practices. The average hourly rates are $13.78 and this figure translates to an average of $29,000. Some of the certified nursing assistants make up to $38,000 a year and such rates have made Massachusetts a lucrative destination for prospective nursing assistants.