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CNA Classes in Maryland

Like in most of the United States, Maryland is in dire need of qualified nurses’ aides to fill the many vacant positions in hospitals and medical facilities statewide. This has meant that those undertaking CNA classes in MD are poised to enjoy a great job market where they can kickstart and advance their careers in the medical field. Currently, dozens of CNA jobs are available in hospitals, working with the elderly in their homes or in nursing facilities as well as in psychiatric wards. With the need only expected to grow over the next few years, the potential for finding lucrative career opportunities should grow along with it.


Free offering CNA classes in Maryland

There are some institutions that offer CNA training services at no cost. They offer free CNA classes in Maryland. These institutions include: nursing homes like the Genesis Nursing Home, some medical centers like the Peninsula Regional Medical Center. The Caroline center is another reputed institution that offers free classes to women who are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare system. It is important to note that in almost all the cases, terms and conditions include promising to work for the sponsoring institution for an agreed period of time and if a dropout was to happen then the money spent by the institution would have to be refunded.

Opening CNA classes in Maryland

The CNA training is offered by institutions that have to be certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing. There are several categories that have been licensed to offer this type of training. The first category includes schools like: Bladensburg High school and Crossland High school. These accredited schools offer quality education for minimal fees.  Another category of accredited institutions are colleges. The most prominent of these institutions include the Baltimore city community college, Prince George’s Community college and Howard community college. Some of the nursing homes that offer this course of study include: Frostburg Village, Devlin Manor, Forest Hill Health and Rehab, Citizens Care Center and the Charlotte County Nursing and Rehab center.

Accelerated CNA program in Maryland

The accelerated CNA program in Maryland is an intensive program that is offered over a period of five to eight weeks and it is a full time course of study. This program is made up of two sections: the theoretical module that is offered in a classroom setting and a practical module that is offered in a clinical setting. These two modules are offered concurrently.


Maryland CNA licensing

Here are some helpful tips on how to apply CNA certification process in Maryland. The Maryland Board of Nursing is the legal entity that is in charge of the Certified Nursing Assistant program. The leading step in obtaining the certificate is to enroll for the certification exam. It is important to note that the application to sit this exam is made upon completion of the CNA training at an approved institution. The certification exam is offered in only eight centers in Maryland and the examination cost is $ 20.00 for those who are sitting for the exam for the first time and $40.00 for all those who are seeking a license renewal. The exam is made up of two sections: a multiple choice section and a practical assessment of clinical skills. The certification is awarded when a candidate has passed in both sections of the examination. The names of the successful candidates are then added to the nurse registry.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Maryland

It is important to appreciate the fact that the salary received by a certified nursing assistant varies across the state. On average, a certified nursing assistant will make about $12.37 an hour and this figure will translate to about $21,000 in a year.