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CNA Classes in Louisiana

Like the rest of the nation, Louisiana is experiencing a shortage of licensed nurses’ aides to fill many positions in hospitals and elder care facilities. Because of this, those who have completed CNA classes in LA are finding that it is very easy right now to bag a medical assisting position and start a career as a nursing assistant due to the high demand for qualified CNAs in the state. The demand for nurses’ aides, which is greater than the nurses, is also attracting students to this field, thus boosting enrollment in CNA classes in Louisiana as well as nursing assistant student penetration. This trend is not expected to cease any time soon.


Opening CNA classes in Louisiana

Before a certified nursing assistant can practice, they must first pass the licensure examination in their state. It is reported that demands for certified nursing aides will increase up until the next decade. If students will pass the licensure examination for CNA’s then surely they will part of the industrial growth. Nursing training programs are accredited by the department of health in Louisiana. Programs are conducted in hospitals, clinics, mental health institutions and nursing homes. Several institutions in Louisiana are offering excellent training for students who wish to become a certified nursing assistant; this has been reviewed and approved the nursing board.

Best place to get CNA training in Louisiana

Requirements needed upon admission for this training program would be a high school diploma or also known as GED, they must be 18 years old and above, must have passed health and criminal background check. Students can enrol in colleges, vocational schools and universities to attain credits for this program, these are: Central Louisiana Medical Academy, Albany High School, Acadiana Technical College, Nunez Community College and Central Louisiana Technical Community College. These institutions in the state are known to offer affordable tuition fees. They are also known to provide quality education based on the approved curriculum.


CNA certification process in Louisiana

Students who wish to take the licensure exam needs to the institution so that they will know when and where they will take the exam. They must pass a negative TB result, criminal background check and a photo ID with social security number to be eligible for the certification. They must prepare for their funds, because there is a fee in order to take the examination. The exam is composed of multiple choices to partially check their skills and knowledge. Students must pass both written and skills test for them to become a certified nursing assistant.

Louisiana CNA employment and job outlook

Bureau of labor in the state of Louisiana announced earlier this year, that there will be at least 18% job employment growth. This is due to new investors in the state, they are targeting to rehabilitate some of the old medical care facilities and in that they will be hiring more medical staffs and practitioners to help them with their operation. Employers must first screen the qualified applicants through their knowledge and skills in the medical field, to ensure that patients will be receiving adequate and quality care. Health care sector projected that this job employment growth for nursing care assistants will continue until year 2018. This is also the reason why the state of Louisiana is continuing to elevate the standard of their nursing care curriculum because more and more students are enrolling in their leading health care institutions. They are also offering free charge of training program to those students who are financially constrained and those who are working part time to sustain their living.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Louisiana

It is reported that the annual salary of certified nursing assistants can reach up to $ 24,000. Most of the nursing assistants are working full time on medical care facilities, so they have greater chances of earning big salaries at the end of the month.