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CNA Classes in Kansas

One profession that is always in demand and actually growing to become more needed and popular than ever in Kansas, is that of the certified nurse assistant. Hospitals and other medical facilities in Kansas are always in need of qualified nurses’ aides due to high turnover and just plain lack of qualified applicants. On the other hand, many students have realized that there are plenty of employment and training opportunities in the state and are therefore increasingly enrolling in CNA classes in KS.

This has led to an increased popularity of CNA classes in Kansas, including those that offer online courses which will not necessitate classroom attendance. This has also contributed to increased nursing assistant student penetration; and the trend can only continue as many nursing homes and hospitals in the state are willing and ready to help those looking to enter this field.


The best place to get CNA training in Kansas

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Kansas? Cass Career Center is one of the best places to undertake your training. They offer a two-semesters course targeted at individuals that have attained at least 11th grade. But you must also pass a background check and have a social security card to gain admission to the course. It’s important to choose from among the many state-approved training institutions because training at a non-approved institution can lead to difficulties finding a job in state facilities as well as challenges getting certified. Other highly-rated schools that might interest you are:

1. The Hillyard Technical Center,
2. Barton County Community College
3. Highland Community College.
4. Cloud County Community College
5. Coffeyville Community College

If you’re looking for a bargain, you might want to check out the Johnson County Community College. They offer low-cost training with tuition fees pegged at $470.

Free CNA training in Kansas

You may benefit from free CNA classes in KS under certain specified circumstances. If you’re starting a training program for CNA certification when you are already employed as a non-certified nursing aide, your employer is required by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to either pay for your training or offer you free training at their facility. What if you have just been employed as a CNA after completing a self-sponsored training? Your employer must reimburse all tuition fees paid out of pocket if they hire you within a year of completing your training and certification exam. Some of the nursing homes in Kansas that will pay your training fees while you’re in their employ include:

1. Andover Health Care Center
2. Ellis Good Samaritan Center
3. Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor
4. Elk Manor Home
5. Anthony Community Care Center


Kansas CNA licensing requirements

You must complete at least ninety hours of training in any of the state-approved institutions and then pass the CNA certification exam to get a practicing license. Once you have these two requirements out of the way, you can formally apply for certification by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, who are the regulators of CNA training programs. The good news is you can make your application and future license renewals on the website of the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.

Employment & Salary

Kansas CNA employment and job outlook

This industry’s job outlook is both positive and progressive. The Kansas Department of Labor projects a 20% increase in nursing assistants’ jobs over the coming years while The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks it as one of the fastest growing between the years 2012 and 2022.

The average income of a CNA in Kansas

You can expect to earn an income ranging between $9.07 to $12.05 per hour. This translates to an average annual pay of between $18,870 and $25,060. But this figure can be even higher depending on your experience and the competitiveness of the health institution where you work. Generally, hospitals are reported to pay better compared to nursing homes. And, of course, there’s the option of working independently, where you can earn as much as $14 per hour. There seems to be endless possibilities and without a doubt, this is a career path on an upward trajectory.