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CNA Classes in Indiana

The cost of living in Indiana is relatively low and so are CNA classes in ID. Unlike other areas where training can cost a pretty penny, prospective CNAs in Indiana are having easy time getting the training they need. Because the state is currently experiencing a shortage of nursing assistants, medical facilities and various training institutions have implemented measures aimed at attracting students to this field. Nursing schools have introduced highly discounted CNA programs, allowing prospective nurses’ aides to easily and affordably enter the profession. A number of nursing homes and hospitals are even offering free CNA classes in Indiana, increasing CNA student penetration. With CNA demand being expected to grow in the coming years, those enrolling in these classes can look forward to a rewarding career within the state.


Best Place to Get CNA Training in Indiana

When one desires to pursue a career as a certified nurse assistant in Indiana one actually has to look at the ideal places to get the proper training in order to get the best career head start. It is a known fact that for the past few decades training was not required and hence anyone could start their career clueless. This has changed the past few years with proper qualifications needed in order to ensure that one properly takes care of those under their care. Best places to attend CNA classes in IN are under paid training institutions. Such places include the; 259 West Harrison Street Mooresville, In 46158, Phone 317-831-6272. Here the fee ranges from at about $800 for training of the course work to be a certified CNA

Free CNA classes in Indiana

Though typically inexpensive some institutions take it a step further and actually most CNA classes in IN are offered free of charge to the residents of Indiana. These are mainly done through eligibility procedure where one is awarded grants to cover the tuition and exam fees. Some health care facilities offer free training to residents if they agree to work for them for one year after the completion of the training program. However to get this one has to undergo screening and a background check. Such institutions include the;

Golden living center countryside 811E
12th street Mishawaka, IN 46544 EOE

Lincolnshire Health care center
830 Virginia St Merrillville
Indiana 46410

One noteworthy institution that offer free CNA training free of charge and is determined to help individuals attain life time skills that will lead to employment is the

Indy pendency job corp. center
222, east Ohio street suite 300 India polis, IN 46204


Indiana CNA licensing requirements

To be recognized as a licensed certified nurse aide in Indiana one needs to meet specific requirements. The good thing with it is one does not necessarily mean to have finished high school or diploma course just the willingness to help out. However one needs to get state approved CNA training program. However there are some exceptions as some institutions are strict about the education level of the people that the train. Regardless one of the few basics is that one has to be a US citizen residing in Indiana. Other requirements include

• Undergone certification program training for students

• Minimum of GPA of 2.0 (certain cases)

• At least 18 years old

• Passion to work with elderly and disabled

Employment & Salary

Indiana CNA employment and job outlook

For one to be successfully employed as a nurse assistant one has to finish training at the time specified by state of Indiana. With high number of elderly individuals on the rise, the numbers of institutions that hire nurse aides are on the rise. This is also reflected in rehabilitation centers. One such institute includes the

Brander village health care
505 N Brander Avenue Marion, Indiana 46952

Average CNA salary in Indiana

With accordance with the Indiana labor act, a CNA individual can earn up to $22 000 annually in the first year. This earning increases considerably with experience and better job offer to up to $40,000 in some institutions.