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CNA Classes in Illinois

The demand for licensed CNAs is high in Illinois and so are the CNA classes in IL. This also means the job market for CNAs in IL is good, and the trend is expected to continue. For this reason, nurses’ aides in this state can expect to fulfill their career dreams and ambitions as a certified nursing assistant. There are several reasons why many students are attracted to schools offering CNA classes in IL.

Firstly, it doesn’t take a lot of time to earn licensure. These classes take only a few weeks to complete. Secondly, some medical facilities and institutions offer free CNA classes in IL, provided that applicants agree to work for them for a set amount of time. Lastly, the availability of many job opportunities in this field has become a magnet for students looking for medical careers. This job market is expected to grow in the coming years, so the trend can only continue.


Free offering CNA classes in Illinois

There are a number of institutions that offer the CNA training in Illinois at no cost. These institutions offer programs that are approved by the workforce investment act. These institutions include: The Chicago Care Training Center, the Omega Healthcare Technical School, Joliet Junior College, the Chicago Community learning Center, the international Skin and Beauty Academy, the Midwestern Career College, Rock Valley Community College, College of Lake County, Harper College and the City Colleges of Chicago. It is important to take into consideration that there are terms and conditions that are associated with these institutions that offer the free training and most of these programs target individuals that are needy. Some of the conditions involve working for the sponsor for a number of years to recompense the money. Some stringent conditions dictate that the sponsored candidate may have to refund the tuition fee if the student decides to drop out of the course of study.

Best place to get CNA training in Illinois

The best place to get CNA training in Illinois is in the College of Lake County. Other accredited institutions that offer this training include: the College of DuPage that charges between $140 to $327 per credit hour while the College of Lake County $99 to $ 372 per credit hour. Illinois Central College is another reputable institution that charges between $102 and $300 per credit hour. Other institutions that offer this training course include: Elgin College, Triton College, Oakton Community College and Southwestern Illinois College. Students who live within the districts where the institutions are located usually pay the lowest tuition rates. Students who live in Illinois but outside the districts of the institutions pay a higher fee while the students who come from outside Illinois pay the highest tuition fee.

Accelerated CNA program in Illinois

The accelerated training program in Illinois is an intensive version of the training program. The accelerated version takes duration of four to six weeks. This program covers two modules: a theoretical module that is offered in class and a practical module that is offered in the clinical setting and it is usually offered in as a full time course of study.


CNA certification process in Illinois

The CNA certification process begins upon completion of the CNA training program from an accredited institution. The Illinois Nurse aide testing association will administer a three hour compulsory examination at a selected examination center. The examination is made up of two modules: a multiple choice module that may include up to sixty questions and a practical module that measures the practical application of theory in a clinical setting. Both divisions have to be passed in order for accreditation to take place. The successful candidates are added into the nurse registry and they are certified.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Illinois

The salary made by a certified nurse assistant varies across the state. On average, a certified nurse assistant may make up to $ 28,000 a year and up to about $12.00 an hour and these rates make Illinois one of the most sort destinations for the nursing assistants.