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CNA Classes in Hawaii

While Hawaii is a fairly small state, plenty of CNA careers and training opportunities abound. Several nursing schools, training institutions and medical facilities offer highly discounted CNA classes in HI, as well as scholarships and grants that greatly help reduce training costs. These classes have proved to be some of the most popular post-second courses in HI with dozens of new students enrolling into them every year.

This can be attributed to the fact students are looking to get into fields that are in high demand but don’t require too much in regard to gaining the requisite expertise and skills. Currently, the demand for CNAs is high in places like hospitals, nursing homes and home health care. Students are also increasingly taking advantage of temporary positions available in military installations, which allow them to get their feet in the door and get some experience.


Opening CNA classes in Hawaii

There are numerous institutions in Hawaii that offers CNA training courses at affordable process. Training courses that they offer has already been approved by the board of nursing. The training course will help the students in enhancing their knowledge and skills in proving quality care to their patients, May it be at home or hospital setting. In addition, hands on skills are also provided to students such as bed making proper bathing of patients. They are incorporating five known principles of care to their curriculum which are: safety, communication, dignity and independence. Students can best benefit in this study especially if it is composed of small classes, more condensed lectures and trainings are incorporated to the students.

Best place to get CNA training in Hawaii

Here are some of the best institutions in Hawaii that offers affordable training CNA programs, these are: Leeward Community College, they have an intensive hands-on program which is also evaluated by the American Red Cross for its state certification. Second known is the Kapiolani Community College which offers a total of 150 clinical hours of training. Graduates in this college are eligible for the American Red Cross certification in order to become a certified nursing assistant.


CNA certification process in Hawaii

Certification process for CNA’s vary according to states. The state of Hawaii requires all of the interested applicants to take the nursing assistant competency exam. Before taking the exam, they must have completed a minimum of 100 hours in their training program. 70 hours are required for lecture, while the remaining 30 hours are to be performed at a clinical or laboratory setting.  The state of Hawaii offers competency exam in 2 parts, the test needs to be completed in a day and should pass at least 70% for them to be qualified and work as a certified nursing assistant. Certificates will be mailed 10 days after they have passed the certification.

Employment & Salary

CNA employment and job outlook in Hawaii

Job employment in Hawaii is expected to increase for about 21% until year 2022. This report has been supported by the labor bureau of Hawaii. There will be over 312,000 job openings by the said year, this is due to the rehabilitation of home care and other large medical facilities that requires services of certified nursing assistant and other medical practitioners. Since this career is on demand, then there will be an increase demand of their salary also. Compensations will also be based on their skills and knowledge.

Average CNA salary in Hawaii

According to health experts the average annual income of certified nursing assistants can range up to $38,000. Average earnings of CNA’s are based on the nursing care and other health care facilities on the United States. The highest paid nursing assistant and nursing aides are known to be working in the federal government which their earnings can reach up to $35,000. More and more students are willing to study programs and training for certified nursing assistants, this is because of the great demand on this kind of profession. In addition, they are willing to invest their time and money in this kind of field because they know there will great opportunities that wait for them in the future.