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CNA Classes in Georgia

The potential for steady employment as a nurse’s aide is quite high in Georgia. As a state with a significant portion of the large elderly population, GE has a huge and growing need for qualified CNAs to care for these and other patients within the state. The job market for CNAs is expected to grow over the next decade, and includes jobs not only in the elderly care facilities, but also in hospitals, private medical offices, psychiatric care, and home health care as well. To attract new entrants into the field and address the high demand for CNAs, a number of training institutions and medical facilities are offering affordable or even free CNA classes in GE. These courses have proved to be very popular with students looking to enter this field, since they promise easy employment, job mobility and decent salaries for years to come.


Free offering CNA classes in Georgia

The free CNA classes in Georgia are offered by selected accredited institutions. These workforce development institutions usually target the needy students in the state. Examples of these institutions include: the Covenant CNA School in Atlanta, The Tender Care Training School in Augusta, The Village Samaritan Institution in Carrollton, the Africa Medical Institute in Decatur and the First Step Health Agency. It is important to appreciate the fact there are terms and conditions that usually accompany the free training offered by these institutions and therefore care is needed when applying for the free training.

Best place to get CNA training in Georgia

The best place to get CNA training in Georgia include:  the Southeastern technical College that offers up to eighty-five hours of wholesome training. This institution offers a full time option of study that will take a shorter time, (usually about one semester) and a part-time mode of study that may take two semesters to be completed. The Altamaha Technical Institute is another reputed entity that offers quality training. Additional recognized institutions that offer this training include: South Georgia Technical College, the Omnitech Institute, Okefenokee Technical College, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, the Everest Institute, the Columbus Technical College, the Bainbridge College, the American Professional Institute, Gwinnett Technical College and Lanier Technical College.

Accelerated CNA training program in Georgia

The accelerated CNA training program in Georgia is an intensive mode of study that offers the training course in period of six weeks as opposed to duration of two semesters. It is a full time mode of study that covers all the aspects that covered in the normal mode of CNA training. The major objective of the accelerated program is to prepare students for the certification compulsory examinations.


CNA certification process in Georgia

The process of obtaining CNA certification process in Georgia is not a long complicated process, it is an easy process. The first step involved in attaining certification involves attending at least eighty hours of CNA training in an accredited institution. After completing the training that involves a theoretical aspect and a practical aspect, the next stage involves seating for the certified nursing assistant certification examination that is also referred to as the Pearson VUE exam. The examination is divided into two segments: a written section that contains multiple choice questions and the practical section that evaluates the ability to integrate the theory learnt in class in a clinical setting. Both modules have to be passed for the names of the candidates to be included in the Georgia Nurse Aide registry. The last step of this process is to apply for certification by filling in a form known as the Certification Card request form. This form is obtained from the website that belongs to the Georgia Department of Community health.  It is important to note that the license is valid for a period of two years and after that period elapses, renewal is required. In Georgia, renewal is usually done for free.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Georgia

The average income of CNA in Georgia varies across the state. The average salary grossed by a certified nursing assistant is about $10.43 per hour. The hourly rates usually range from $8.77 to $14.99 and these figures translate to a yearly income of $18,341 to $33,042. The discrepancies in the rates are brought about by the level of experience, the region of practice and the area of specialty.