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CNA Classes in Florida

CNA market trend in Florida is expected to grow more this year this is due to the growing population of the elderly people. In fact, Last February 2014 a statistic has been made for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) market earnings. This is due to their professions demand both local and international health care facilities. It is reported that they can earn up to $38,000, and the average earning was $24,000. Nursing assistants that worked for the federal government are known to be the highest paid health care practitioners according to BLS.


Opening CNA classes in Florida

There are Opening CNA classes in Florida, so if you wanted to enrol in CNA classes, their programs usually has two sets of lectures and students are awarded with certification upon completion of the course. Their program includes didactic or what we all know as theory based lecture, while the other program is based on return demonstrations which focuses on students’ skills and knowledge. These return demonstrations are supervised by registered nurses and other medical practitioners to ensure that they have learned all the necessary techniques and processes in caring for their patients. Before they can enrol in CNA classes, all students are required to undergo criminal background checks, updated immunizations and drug screening. They are also required to complete Basic Life Support or CPR program prior to their admission.

Best place to get CNA training in Florida

The best place to get CNA training in Florida is Brevard Community College, they offer 290 hour program which focuses on different fields in health care. Second best is the Daytona State College, they offer assistant program that focuses on patient care. They prepare students by engaging them into lectures which are theory based and exposures in the clinical field. Next is the Florida State College located at Jacksonville, they offer nursing assistant program which prepares all their students in the hospitals. They have 165 hour program which is then divided into lecture which has 125 hours of theory based program and 40 hours of exposure in the hospital and other clinical facilities. After the completion of their program, all students are asked to take the nursing assistant competency examination.

CNA training online in Florida

CNA training in Florida can also be held online; in fact most of the institutions in Florida are now offering online classes for those students who have hectic schedules. They can complete fundamental courses offered by the institute to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. In Florida it is reported that they offer a minimum of 120 hours which also includes 75 hours of clinical exposure on hospitals. You can contact the leading institutes in Florida through their official website. Know more about their curriculum and also how effective they can teach students about theories as nursing assistants.


CNA certification process in Florida

When applying for CNA certification process in Florida, it requires the applicants to have a certified diploma as a proof of their educational attainment. All applicants must also be 18 years old and above and has completed the Florida’s curriculum. The CNA certification comes with a written and skills demonstration which will also be approved by the nursing assistant board in Florida. However, if the applicant failed the examination, they will only be given at least three attempts to pass the approved training program.

Employment & Salary

CNA employment and job outlook in Florida

Certified nursing assistants job role is just like any other who wanted to be employed in a friendly environment. In addition to that, working in a medical facility can make you closer to the patient and families assigned to you. In the state of Florida, there are bigger offers for compensation and benefits who wish to be employed in government health related facilities. They are also giving extra compensations for holiday and overtime work rendered by each medical practitioner. Health experts believe that demand for certified nursing assistants in Florida will still continue to grow for the upcoming years. This would also mean that more companies will be offering competitive salary and benefits to its qualified applicants.

Average income of CNA in Florida

Certified Nursing Assistant is an entry-level position in the nursing field and as such, CNAs in all states, including Florida, receive the lowest salary of all nursing careers. But the experience gained while working as a nurse’s aide in FL can be invaluable since it provides job and educational experience necessary for preparing for an advanced nursing career. On average salaries in Florida range from $22,000 for those who are starting out to $34,000 for those who have quite a bit of work experience and expertise. Of course, how much you can expect to make as a licensed CNA will depend largely on where you plan on living within the state, how much experience you have, and the medical facility you work for. Those working in healthcare institutions that are based in large urban areas within the state can expect to earn considerably more than some other parts of the state as the cost of living is quite high there. It’s also worth noting that CNAs working night shifts, weekends, or in private care facilities in FL usually make substantially more. Also, some jobs may come with benefits or incentives like paid vacation and subsidized or free health care so be sure to take this into account when choosing the best position.