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CNA Classes in Delaware

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, the demand for certified nursing assistants far exceeds the supply in Delaware. As a result, those seeking training and a career as a nurse aide shouldn’t have too hard of a time. Employers are actually competing for nurses, something that has seen nurses’ aides enjoying a variety of incentives, including higher pay, bonuses, reimbursements for tuition costs and more. This trend has not gone unnoticed by students looking for lucrative careers in the medical field. Students are increasingly enrolling in CNA classes in DE to begin careers as nursing assistants. With stakeholders continuing with their efforts to address the nursing shortage, this trend is just going to continue, with prospective CNAs being the biggest beneficiaries.


Best places to get CNA training in Delaware

There are institutions of learning that are accredited by the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection. The recognized institutions include: the New Castle County Vocational School Technical School District in Wilmington, the Lee Training Institute in Wilmington, the Polytech Adult Education in Woodside, Woodbridge High School in Bridgeville, the Indian River High School in Dagsboro, Sussex Tech Adult Division in Georgetown, Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Dawn Career Institute in Wilmington, Paul M. Hodgson Vocational Technical High School in Newark and the Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown. It is crucial to note that the cost of pursuing the certified nurse assistant cost in Delaware ranges from $2100 to $3249.

Free CNA training in Delaware

There are CNA classes offered by selected institutions. These organizations mainly target a subset of the populace that is willing to pursue the course, but financial constraint presents a hindrance. It is important to note that in Delaware, the institutions that offer free training services are nursing homes. These Nursing homes include: Capitol Healthcare Services in Dover, the Churchman Village in Newark, the Chancellor Care Center in Delmar, Gilpin Hall in Wilmington, Governor Bacon Health Center in Delaware City, Kentmere in Wilmington and the Silver Lake Center in Dover. The free CNA training course usually comes with associated terms and conditions. It is the prerogative of the interested applicant to familiarize themselves with the terms before assenting to the program.


CNA certification process in Delaware

Certification process in the state of Delaware is considered to be a straightforward procedure. The first step involves attending CNA training from a recognized institution. The training is supposed to take a total of one hundred and fifty hours. Seventy-five hours are allocated to the classroom setting where the theoretical aspects of the program are taught while the other seventy-five hours are allocated to the practical application of classwork in a clinical setting. Upon successful completion of the training, the next process involved application for the examination. It cost $108 to apply for the written clinical exam and the clinical skills test. For the individuals who would prefer the clinical skills test and the oral exam, the cost incurred will be $ 118.The three examination centers in Delaware are found in New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County.  Both examinations modules have to be completed successfully in order for the certification process to take place. It is vital to note that the certificate is usually renewed after every two years. Eligibility for renewal is based on the fact that the candidate must have been on duty for at least sixty-four hours in the past two years.

Employment & Salary

Delaware CNA employment and job outlook

Employment rate in the state of Delaware is very promising because these health service providers are still in high demand. Statistics prove that the employment opportunities for the certified assistant nurses are set to increase by 20% over duration of the next ten years.

Average income of a CNA in Delaware

It is reported that the average income of certified nursing assistants are $21,000, and this figure translates to about $12.32 per hour. It is essential to appreciate that there are other determinants of salary. These determinants include the years of practice, the area of specialty and the region of practice.