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CNA Classes in Connecticut

There is a general shortage of nurses all around the country, nurses’ aides included, making it very easy in most places to find employment. This is true in Connecticut as well, where certified nursing assistants are always in high demand. CNA graduates in this state, or those students currently undertaking CNA classes in CT are having no trouble finding job opportunities, with vacancies constantly occurring in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, home health care and other facilities in the state.


Free CNA classes in Connecticut

Free CNA classes are offered by some of the institutions through the Workforce Investment Act. Most of the institutions that offer free training in this state are nursing homes. These services are offered by: The American Professional Educational Services in Norwich, Centro de la Comunidad in New London, Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, The Educational Training of Wethersfield in Wethersfield, Tunxis Community College in Farmington and the New Haven Adult Education in New Haven. It is essential to appreciate the fact that these free programs target learners that are unable to foot the cost required to go through the training.

Best places to get CNA training in Connecticut

These are recognized and reputed institutions which include: Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical Institute School in Bridgeport, the Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Norwalk Community College, Quinebaug Community College in Danielson, Tunxis Community College in Farmington and Naugatuck Community College in Waterbury. The cost required to take part in the training is not homogenous across all the institutions. The incurred cost ranges between eight hundred dollars and one thousand four hundred dollars. The duration that is required for completion of this course is usually a full semester.

Accelerated CNA program in Connecticut

The accelerated CNA program for CNA’s is considered as an intensive program of study that compresses the content to be learnt in a full semester to just twelve weeks. The major subscribers to this mode of study are those individuals with a medical background whose paramount interest is to sit for the certification examination.


CNA certification process in Connecticut

The CNA certification process is one the most common procedures in Connecticut due to the increase in demand for the health workers. The first step in this process is to attend a CNA training course that is accredited by the Connecticut Department of Health, the legal entity that is mandated to regulate this training program. One hundred and forty hours are required to cover the syllabus and these hours are divided into two: sixty hours are assigned to the theoretical aspect of the training and eighty hours are allocated to practice in the clinical environment. It is essential to understand that admission to any accredited institution is subject to having no criminal record and passing a thorough health examination to evaluate for any pathology in the applicants.

Upon successful completion of the training, application for the CNA certification is the next agendum. This exam is administered by an entity known as Pro Metric and costs that are incurred during registration are $108.00. The examination is divided into two parts. The first part is made up of multiple choice questions and it is administered over a period of one and a half hours while the second part is made up of practical evaluation that focuses on five random practical skills that were covered during training. Successful completion of both parts of the examination leads to the registration on the Connecticut Nursing Aide Registry.

Employment & Salary

Average CNA salary in Connecticut

The average income of CNA’s is not homogenous across the state. On average, the nursing assistants make $29,000 a year. The amount earned is dependent on the area of specialty, the years of experience and the region of practice with Greenwich being one of the best paying cities in the state.