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CNA Classes in Colorado

Like in other parts of the country, CNA demand continues to outstrip CNA supply, thus creating an unprecedented shortage of qualified nurses’ aides. While it might not be the best situation for hospitals and other medical facilities, it does provide an optimal number of existing and imminent career opportunities for nursing assistants. These opportunities can only grow as the healthcare industry in CO expands. In response to the shortage of nursing assistants, many training institutions have started to offer CNA classes in CO while existing CNA schools are increasing their intake of new students. Also, a number of organizations and medical facilities are providing scholarships and/or grants to aspiring CNAs in order to encourage more people to choose this field. These efforts have contributed to increased enrollments CNA classes in CO, and are hoped to alleviate the predicted CNA shortage crisis.


Opening CNA classes in Colorado

There are several institutions in Colorado that offers quality CNA classes. Their program aims to provide intensive practical training to which is based in a laboratory setting to allow all their students to enhance and practice nursing skills to their pseudo-patient before providing real care to real patients. Their classroom based discussion provides students with an understanding of the real knowledge that every student can perform as a future certified nursing aide. Their topic focuses on effective communication and interpersonal skills, infection control, safety and emergency procedures.

Best place to get CNA training in Colorado

Here are some of the institutions in the state of Colorado that offers free CNA training program. Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado, their aim is to reach to the needy person who needs education to fulfil their needs. You will totally not be paying for tuition or any fees in school. Mountain Meadows Nursing Center, also offers low cost intensive nursing aid training program to all students. While St. Vincent Hospital Nurse Aide Training Program is an accredited institution which also offers scholarship programs to all qualified students.


CNA certification process in Colorado

The state of Colorado requires all the students to pass at least 4 months in some training institutions before they will employed in a health agency. Certification must be presented prior to employment to ensure that they have passed the standards of training set by the nursing board of Colorado. There are two known certification process, either through examination or through endorsement.

Employment & Salary

Colorado CNA employment and job outlook

Job employment for the state of Colorado will continue to increase for up to 21% until year 2022. This is due to an increased population in all ages all over United States. One of the leading populations that require utmost care is the elderly. Nursing aides mostly starts their career in nursing homes to hasten more their skills in the medical field and eventually they can apply in larger hospitals to earn more on their salary. With the proper training and knowledge surely they will be able to attain great opportunities in this industry. The more experience and skills they have, the more money they can earn.

Average CNA salary in Colorado

According to statistics it is reported that certified nursing assistants can earn up to $38,000, this was studied last year by the experts. Average earnings of CNA’s are reported to be around $24,000 with an hourly rate of $14. This is also one of the major reason why more and more students are attracted in enrolling in this training program because of the bright future and opportunities that waits for them. Of course, the more skills and experience you have the more salary you can earn as a certified nursing assistant. On the other hand, CNA’s who are working in the federal government is among the highest paid nursing aides. Employment location, contracts, and federal taxes can also affect the salaries of certified nursing assistants. So why not invest your time and small amount of your money in this kind of education, when you can be one of the highest paid medical practitioners.