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CNA Classes in California

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) market trend in California is expected to stay stable and solid in the years to come and it is highly in demand. The total number of CNA’s was reported by the BLS to be 1,505,300 in the job market in 2010 and the growth is expected to reach 20% from 2010 – 2020. The growth rate will add an additional 302,000 nursing jobs to the market.

Average CNA salary in California

Average Income of CNA in California ranges from around $27,180 per year to around $37,460 a year. Mainly because California is a very large state and has many different employers who each pay CNAs a little differently depending if you are working in the city or rural areas, it has been that large range. This is also because of the differences in the costs of living in a small town and a city, work experience, and variety of employers situated in a certain place.

CNA Certification process in California

CNA Certification process in California requires completion of the first 160 hours of training course in its entirety before sitting for the nursing assistant certification test. Thus, some training programs offer even more than 160 hours of instruction. And, one can only be certified until they pass the competency exam for nursing assistants. If you work or worked as a certified nursing assistant in another state, you might be able to become certified without difficulty in California as well.  You can just apply for certification through reciprocity.  The application form can be obtained from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). For renewal, you will just receive paperwork when it is time to renew your nursing assistant certification provided that you have to comply the necessary things needed before the certification is set to expire. Furthermore, your license will not be renewed if you have committed any felonies or have any charges against you from patients.

Opening CNA classes in California

Opening CNA classes in California is available at several campuses or at American Red Cross where scholarships will be available as well. All programs require a minimum of 150 hours which includes a minimum of 100 clinical hours. Programs range from 4 weeks to a full semester in length. The cost of these programs is between $400 and $1000 in average, though some long-term care facilities offer free training programs. As per American Red Cross, they offer their Certified Nurse Assistant classes which is a 180-hour course in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) and Marin County (San Rafael). There are also Work force investment approved colleges and low-cost institutions which would include Contra costa college, Allan Hancock college, American river college, Butte college, College of the sequoias that is WIA Approved Programs for free CNA training.

CNA training online in California

CNA training online in California is also available in California Department of Public Health website under the services they offer for education and training. They would provide resources for trainings, educational materials and free online CME courses and training programs as well, such as Certified Nurse Aide training programs, Facility Based Nurse Assistant Training Programs and a lot more which would be helpful before you can obtain a CNA certification.