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CNA Classes in Arkansas

Arkansas’ healthcare system is expanding rapidly, and there are lots of opportunities for prospective certified nursing assistants, many that come with attractive benefits and incentives as well. Nurses’ aides are in high demand in many areas in this state and as a result, CNA classes in AR can be found that will provide a path to enter in this field.

Many students have realized that the potential for employment can be quite good and are increasingly taking advantage of CNA classes in AR to pursue a career in medical assisting. Currently, student demand for CNA certification programs far outstrips supply in Arkansas. In fact, schools offering CNA classes in AR have experienced full enrollment in their nursing programs for several years and this trend is not expected to end any time soon.


Opening CNA classes in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the leading states that offer great support to those certified nursing assistant aspirants. They are aiming to provide several options to students who wish to become certified in the health care sector. Their department of health is one of the major supporters in providing great quality CNA classes. They are also offering free CNA classes to those students who are financially incapable. Students can find numerous institutions in Arkansas that provide income assistance. There are medical facilities also that pay for the qualified student and they will be paid in return if they will be hired as certified nursing assistant.

Best place to get CNA training in Arkansas

Here are some of the best institutions in Arkansas that offer quality training to all aspiring certified nursing assistants. First is the Arkansas Northeastern College which is located in Blytheville, next is the Arkansas State University, College of the Ouachitas, Mid-South Community College and the National Park Community College. You can visit them personally if you have any questions about their curriculum and training program, or other way around you can visit their official website for more information.


Arkansas CNA licensing requirements

The department of human services in the state of Arkansas requires all the students to attend at least 90 hours of training approved by the nursing board. After they have completed the training program they must pass the competency exam which will be administered by the Prometric Registry. The competency exams are consisting of two part tests, the computerized and practical skills evaluation. There are acceptable scores set by the board in order for the students to obtain certification. The prometric registry is the one who manages the competency exam which are to be given to the aspiring certified nursing assistant students.

Employment & Salary

Arkansas CNA employment and job outlook

In 2004, it is reported that there were 1.4 million nursing assistants who has been employed all over the United States, they are working in big hospitals, clinics and other home care facilities. Employment rate for certified nursing assistants are quite faster compared to the average occupations in the industry. According to statistics and health experts, job growth in this medical field will continue to grow until year 2022. Health institutions need over 500,000 certified nursing assistants to help them with their operation. These professionals are considered to be the first liners in providing health care to all patients.

Average CNA salary in Arkansas

According to payscale.com, average salary that certified nursing assistants can earn is up to $24,000, while in Texas, they can only earn $20,000. In addition to that their hourly rate is $14. Highest certified nursing assistant earners are those who are working in schools, federal government and self-employed individuals. In contrast, those who are working companies and colleges are reported to earn the least. You can find more information in becoming one of certified nursing assistants or if you want to continue in school by simply reading some useful articles and tips online. Visiting the official website of a given institute can also help you in choosing for your preferred school and training program. So what are you waiting for, be part of the growing industry.