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CNA Classes in ARIZONA

Like in many other states, there’s a shortage of certified nursing assistants in Arizona. And because of this, aspiring CNAs this state are not only poised to enjoy plentiful job opportunities now and in the future, but students can find CNA classes in AZ that are offered free of charge or that are reimbursed upon successful completion of the program and employment. With a large older Baby Boomer population that is expected to grow larger and a significant portion of the nursing workforce looking to retire in the coming years, the demand for CNAs can only grow. Employment opportunities are particularly great for those looking to work in home health care, senior living facilities, retirement homes, and other long term care facilities.


Best places to get CNA training in Arizona

There are numerous places to get CNA training in the state. These institutions include: the Arizona Medical Training Institute that is found in Mesa, Central Arizona College in Winkelman, Glendale Community College in Glendale, Coconino Community College in Flagstaff and the Gila Community College in Globe. Some nursing homes like Arizona Pioneer’s Home in Prescott and The Caring House in Sacaton also offer this training. The cost incurred in pursuing this course of study differs from one institution to the other but it ranges between $400 and $1500.

Free CNA classes in Arizona

Free CNA classes for CNA’s are offered in some of the accredited institutions. The major target groups for these training are the needy students who cannot afford to meet the cost of the training. The Job Corps in Tucson is one of the leading organizations that offer this training for free. The other institutions that offer such services include: Accord Healthcare Institute in Phoenix, Trendsetters CNA academy in Youngtown, Brookline College in Tucson and Central Arizona College in Coolidge.

Accelerated CNA program in Arizona

The accelerated program for CNA’s is a rigorous mode of study that covers all aspects of theory and practical teachings that equip the nursing assistant to perform the core functions. This mode of study usually takes six weeks and the program focuses on those people with a medical background and with an interest in sitting for the examination.


CNA certification process in Arizona

The CNA certification process in the state is under the watchful care of the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The first step involved is enrollments into accredited institutions that offers CNA training and attend at least one hundred and twenty hours of training that may be scheduled over a period of three to eight month. It is important to note that accredited institutions usually run a background check and they also perform a comprehensive examination of your health status before you are allowed to take part in the training. On completion of the training program, all prospective nursing assistants must sit for the national nursing assistant assessment examination that costs $50.00 for registration. The D&S Diversified Technology and Testing Company is the entity that is tasked with the administration of the examination. The examination contains two modules: a written module that consists of multiple choice questions and a practical module that assesses the correct application of theory in a clinical setting. The pass mark for the written segment is seventy-five percent while the pass mark for the practical segment is eighty percent. Both modules have to be successfully completed for the Arizona State Board of Nursing to add the names of the nursing assistants into the Nurse Aide registry and therefore certification is achieved. It is essential to note that renewal of this license takes place after every two years and during that time, at least one hundred and sixty hours have to be spent in active duty.

Employment & Salary

The average income of CNA in Arizona

The average income in Arizona is around $20,000. The grossed salary is multifactorial and it is dependent on years of experience, the area of specialty and the region of practice. Some nursing assistants may make up to $32,400 a year.