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CNA Classes in Alaska

With the state experiencing its share of a nationwide nursing shortage, potential certified nursing assistants will find loads of opportunities in The Last Frontier. The job market in Alaska for new CNAs is enjoying a boom, and those taking CNA classes in AK as well as those who have already graduated should have little trouble finding employment in the state. Demand for CNAs that work in a range of fields from pediatrics to the intensive care unit is high and should continue to stay that way for the next few years. CNAs in AK primarily find work in hospitals and other medical facilities, but home health care is increasingly becoming a high demand area and CNA jobs within it are available as well.


Opening CNA classes in Alaska

For students who wish to become a certified nursing assistant, there are several options for them. Nursing homes and other medical facilities are offering CNA training for a little cost or sometimes for free. These are considered to be one of the most attractive options for those students who are financially challenged and wishes to have a bountiful career ahead of them. They must be aware and prepared at all times because these training programs are not always available for the public. There are few positions available for CNA’s in this kind of institution. Low cost options do exist in the United States, which are also monitored and assisted by the Department of Labor. Technical and vocational schools in Alaska offers affordable tuition fees that meet the standard of their curriculum.

Best place to get CNA training in Alaska

Here are some of the approved training centers in Alaska which offers CNA training program, these are: Seward Providence, AVTEC or also known as the Alaska’s Institute of Technology, Central Peninsula Hospital and lastly the Older Persons Action Group. These institutions offers affordable tuition fees and can offer this training at a short given time. They are also training students to enhance their medical knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future employment.


CNA certification process in Alaska

Students, who want to become a certified nursing assistant in Alaska, must first obtain a high school diploma or also known as GED. Once they have completed the training course, they are now required to pass the state’s approved licensure examination. Certifications for nursing aides are required by all of the long term nursing care and other medical facilities to maintain the quality of nursing service that they offer.

Employment & Salary

Alaska’s CNA employment and job outlook

According to health care experts, it is reported that for the next decade nursing assistants’ job growth rate will continue to rise for about 21%. This report has been testified and supported by the labor bureau and labor statistics of Alaska. There will be over one million jobs available for this field.

Average CNA salary in Alaska

CNA’s can make an average hourly rate of $12, while their annual income will range up to $28,000. Their salary will also vary according to the location of their employment, as well as the education that they have attained and of course their skills and experiences as certified nursing assistants. CNA’s are also asked to work during holidays, graveyard shifts and sometimes overtime since medical care facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. So they have bigger chances of getting high salaries at the end of the month. Most of certified nursing assistants who has years of experience in the medical field can earn up to $34,000 over a year. So if you are a student who wishes to have brighter future ahead of you, then you can consider taking certified nursing assistant training program as an option for your study. Medical courses such as nursing, pharmacy and CNA training programs are widely offered in different institutions these days. You can visit them personally or visit their official website for of the information that you need.