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CNA Classes in Alabama

According to industry insiders, certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a fast growing occupation in Alabama. Thousands of new and replacement nurses will be needed to fill the healthcare needs of Alabama residents over the next ten years. Yet, current demand for quality nurses’ aides in AL far outstrips the supply; and increased future needs can only exacerbate the crisis.

It’s no wonder stakeholders have begun developing and implementing strategies to decrease the current and future nurses’ aides shortage by partnering with nursing schools that offer CNA classes in AL, policy makers, hospitals and other healthcare providers. This is seeing an increase in the number of students interested in becoming CNAs, and is expected to boost the nursing workforce and career opportunities for CNAs.


Opening CNA classes in Alabama

There are numerous accredited schools and universities in the state of Alabama that offers CNA classes, the training program that they provide will usually last for about 2 years. Aspiring students should initially pass necessary requirements in order to start with the nursing aide program. If you want to start your career in the field of nursing then a certified nursing aide is the perfect option for you. All applicants are thoroughly screened before they will get accepted in their chosen institution. Papers and documents presented must be evaluated upon completion to make sure that all requirements are met. It is also advised that all interested students’ needs to apply in more than one nursing program to increase the chances of your acceptance.

Best place to get CNA training in Alabama

Free training programs and scholarships are offered in numerous institutions in the state of Alabama. These are Rubye and R.M Walker Fund or also known as Gadsden State Community College. Students can apply in their financial aid program to obtain eligibility for their scholarship program. Second known institution is the J.F Drake State Technical College, their program aims to give opportunity to those students who are financially challenged. Lastly, is the Trenholm State Technical College is one of the institutions in Alabama that offers foundation scholarships. This scholarship is made of an extensive program that focuses more on clinical settings.


Alabama CNA licensing requirements

Before you enroll in a CNA training program, there are certain requirements that needs to be completed. A high school diploma is a must as a proof that you have graduated. Of course as a nature of nursing aides’ work, a thorough criminal and health checks should be passed. This is also to check if you are physically fit to perform your duty as a nursing aide. This job requires physical strength and endurance so you will be pushed to your limit in moving and lifting patients.

Employment & Salary

Alabama CNA employment and job outlook

According to statistics, it is reported that there will be a sprout of 21% in regards to the job employment of certified nursing assistants until year 2022. This projected growth is quite faster that the overage occupations in the other industry. Booming of CNA’s employment growth is due to an increased population in all ages. Recently, more orderlies and nursing aides are hired as additional manpower in some of the medical care facilities and nursing homes.

Average CNA salary in Alabama

Annual salary of certified nursing assistants in a year would range up to $24,000, while their hourly rate would reach up to $14. Most of the certified nursing assistants are working fulltime in some of the medical health facilities due to increased demand of manpower. Some may also work overtime, graveyard shifts even on holidays to cover all the patients admitted in the hospitals, and to ensure that they are receiving total excellent health care. With these information stated above, truly this will help you in taking steps in becoming one of the certified nursing assistants in the state of Alabama.