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Certified Nursing Assistants Salary

Certified nursing assistants, or CNA take care of the patients. It is their responsibility to provide the daily requirements of the patients like their comfort, personal hygiene, monitoring their vital signs as well as their mobility or transportation. CNA gets an average salary of $ 24,000 or $11.63 per hour.


The average annual salary for the CNA’s in US are about $24,228 for 90 percentile of the assistants while the bottom 10 percentile get the salary of $10,942. According to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics of 2011, the nursing aids are paid a salary of $24,000 annually or $11.63 on hourly basis. As per September 2012, the annual salary of the CNAs is revised to $25,641 or $12.33 per hour. Several other factors also affect the salary structure. CNA who work in general medical or surgical units earn about $27,290 ($13.12 hourly) annually while the ones who work in home or domestic aids earn about $23,500 ($11.30 per hour) annually. They get highly paid in research institutes as much as $36,910, $17.75 hourly while in government units $35,850, $17.24 per hour.

Average CNA’s salary by state

(Sort by lowest to highest)

Mississippi : average $19,890, $9.56 per hour
Louisiana  : average $20,630, $9.92 per hour
Arkansas : average $20,890, $10.04 per hour
Alabama : average $21,570, $10.37 per hour
Nevada : average $31,610, $15.20 per hour
New York : average 31,830, $15.30 per hour
Alaska : average $34,700, $16.68 per hour

A CNA is the voice of the patient and informs the doctor and the nurse about the medical conditions and the well-being of the patient. They also ensure that the patient is kept in a safe and comfortable environment. The certified nursing assistant salary is depended on several factors as discussed earlier. The CNA working in the city like New York gets a higher salary than the one working in a rural area. The Nursing assistants salary is also depended on the factors like the skills and the experience and also on their expertise. It varies also from the seniority level and the other skills like the leadership or the training skills which can increase their salary and also give them growth benefits within an organization. We can analyses the salary of the CNA’s as per the different states in US. Other benefits like the social security, pension, health care benefits, and paid leaves are some of the benefits which are also included in the total compensation package of the CNAs. This in turn increases the total compensation level of the nursing assistants.

Considering the states of United States of America, the CNA salary also varies from one state to another. The average salary of CNAs in varies hugely from New York City to other different states in USA. In New York the average salary is around $31,830, $15.30 hourly. Even in the city of New York, the salary varies for the nursing aids for home as well as with the nursing care givers in the Nursing homes and the hospitals. The salary range also varies for the care givers in the different departments of the nursing homes. The caregivers in different procedural activities like in preparatory phases in Operation Theatres are given better salaries than the ones who are employed in general care departments. The state of Nevada is very close in paying their nursing assistants and their average salary ranges to $31,610, $15.20 per hour. The Average salary of the Northern part of US is $30,000, $15.00 per hour.

In Alaska the average salary of the nursing aids is the highest among all other professionals. There is a huge gap in the salary range from the nursing assistants and other public servants of the similar category. The average salary of nursing aids is $34,700, $16.68 per hour. This is mainly because the supply of the nursing aids is less and the needs for qualified nursing aids are always in demand. The demand for good health care facilities is greatly needed in Alaska and hence they can pay a higher salary to get quality medical care. Hence they get the highest salary in Alaska. Even the social work assistant gets a higher salary like the nursing aids.

In case of the states like Mississippi, the average annual salary of nursing aids is $19,890, $9.56 hourly. It is also very poor in comparison with the other professions in the area. In Mississippi, the demand for the caregivers is increasing as in home aids. Working as a home aid, they get less payment than the nursing assistants in the nursing homes and hospitals.

While the nursing assistants in Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama also get an average salary of $20,630, $9.92 per hour, $20,890, $10.04 hourly and $21,570, $10.37 per hour respectively. It is a similar scenario in the other parts of Southern US other than the metro cities. The nursing assistants are paid much less as compared to the other civil servants. With the increasing demand of nursing aids in the metro cities in USA, the care givers move to the metro cities in search of a better package and a better living. Development of many professional courses also increases the level of skill of the assistants and hence increases their expertise. This in turn may also influence the rising trend in the salary of the CNAs. Along with the salary package, several benefits like the health care benefits for themselves and their families, bonus or pension packages tend to increase the average trend of the Certified Nursing assistants in USA and the average annual salary of the CNAs are steadily raising.

Average CNA salary by condition

Beginning CNA salary

The beginners’ salary of the CNA is very poor in comparison to the other professionals in USA. It is on an average of up to $ 30,000. The nursing assistant can move to the next level after the continuous effort of a few years with an increase in the salary.

Part time CNA salary

The CNA’s are also offered a part time salary on the basis of hourly wages. This hourly wages varies from $ 11 to $ 13. This is mainly depended on the factors like the area of work as in metro cities or in rural areas. The difference also occurs for the services in nursing homes or in home aids.

Overnight CNA salary

In case of overnight salary, the CNA’s are paid a higher salary than the regular shifts. In case of overnight, the average annual salary ranges from $ 35,000. In every case, there is a difference in the home care givers and the CNAs in nursing homes.

Full time CNA salary

As per the US sample surveys, the average salary of the CNAs is $ 32,000. In this case the salary ranges differ from the nursing assistants in rural areas as well as with the ones working in the metro cities.

Bilingual CNA salary

In case of bilingual CNAs, the average annual salary is a little higher than the usual CNAs. They are given an average salary of $ 36,000.